What is Trello?

Trello is a great tool for managing projects and products. Before we dig deep into Trello though I'm going to do a quick overview of what Trello is and how it works.

Trello revolves around three concepts. Boards, lists and cards. Before we move on further we need to understand what a board is. If we think of a board as a physical object then it's best to think of a Trello board as a drawing pin board. You know those boards you see in schools and universities that display announcements? That's exactly what a Trello board is. It's a place for a collection of related information. This sounds a bit vague but Trello isn't a tool used for a specific purpose.

The DailyMuse Trello board

On the board we can create lists that span the board. You can create as many lists as you need but it helps to keep the number of lists to a handful. By doing this you can fit the whole board in most of the screen sizes you use. Too many lists results in some lists being off-screen and you need to scroll to get to these. Call me lazy but that just seems like such a chore.

Finally there are cards.

Screen capture of a Trello card

These represent individual items of work. It could be a task, a feature, a todo list or a prompt of some kind. The card themselves contain a title and a description. They can also contain checklists, attachments and comments.

This is the basics of the Trello board. We didn't touch on features like calendars, email settings and labels, that's for tomorrow. It helps to have an understanding of the basic building blocks of Trello. It's just three concepts but it helps to understand these before going deeper into Trello.