Not a month goes by now without criticism of Twitter and it's walled garden network.

I really don’t like that we are all putting our content, including those golden joke tweets, into someone else’s silo. You’re giving Twitter full control over all of your content. That’s a huge price to pay for the exposure, especially in the light of the fact that there are user-controlled alternatives.

Let’s replace Twitter with something much better by Charl Botha

I don't think Twitter needs to be replaced, but it certainly needs to be improved and Twitter is actively doing that. It's a long-term goal so we the people should be patient.

So, should we replace Twitter? I don't think so.

While I agree that Twitter isn't considered an open part of the Internet, you only have to sacrifice a few privileges to use it. I say a few privileges because you can still create and run your own blog and focus on hosting your more premium content there rather than on Twitter.

Twitter is many things to many people, but if you're a blogger it should be thought of as a delivery platform for your blog. Share your blogs posts on Twitter and have people come to your blog to read the rest of your content.

Twitter doesn't need to be replaced it just needs to be used in a way that makes your life easier.