Sony PlayStation Neo

I can't say that I'm exactly thrilled to see Sony releasing a console so soon after the release of the PS4. It is good to see though that all future games for the PS4 and PS Neo will be compatible and you will be able to play on the PlayStation Network regardless of which console you will own.

That move is one of several that Sony is reportedly making to keep PS4 and PS4 Neo owners on an even keel. The company's documentation reportedly states that there will be no Neo-only games, owners of both versions of the console will continue to use the same PlayStation Store, and publishers are barred from offering special features or downloadable content to owners of one type of console. Crucially, players of both the original PS4 and PS4 Neo and will be able to play alongside each other on PlayStation Network.

Sony’s upgraded 'Neo' PS4 will reportedly have smoother games and better graphics by The Verge