@jeremycherfas Yip, some things are easier to do with just some custom CSS. Most of the Tailwind features I've been using relate to structure, so I've been making the most of the flex and grid rules.

@vincent Nice! I haven't posted here for a while as well. I'm starting to again though.

@vincent Hey, it's me at the bottom!

@jeremycherfas I've installed the whole thing using Webpack for a Rails application. I'm running Tailwind and Bootstrap concurrently for an application and I haven't had any issues.

@colinwalker Precisely. The word propaganda springs to mind.

@colinwalker I've been giving this some thought today, and all I can say is that I don't see me using it much. I'm not a big fan of Twitter to begin with, so self-destructing tweets isn't really going to make me use it more.

There's an article on Fast Company though that highlights the way in which politicians could use it further ensure that they can't be held accountable for what they post.

Another weapon of disinformation? It could well be.

@crossingthethreshold I would say that if you have a preferred text editor already installed you should already be covered.

I use Bear as a scratchpad and for longer writing. I like having both under the same app, also the iOS share extensions make it easier to add stuff to my scratchpad.

I imagine Drafts would be the same if you were to use it for your scratchpad.

@crossingthethreshold I haven’t tried any of the versions of Tot yet, just the idea sounded appealing.

I already have Bear installed on my phone and my laptop so I doubt I’ll be installing this as well.

@colinwalker I used Moleskine notebooks for mine when I did it for about a year when I was freelancing. As I was already working from home, I could easily find the time in the morning to do it. I can't afford that time anymore as I'm already up at 5:30am during the week. I do miss it, and if my circumstances change for the better, it will be one of the things that I will start doing again.

@vincent Interesting that you're running both Spotify and Apple Music. Any particular reason for this?

I've been on the Apple Music family plan for a couple of years now. I was toying with the idea of switching to Spotify, but I'm not so sure the change is worth it. Both have great catalogues, it's just the social aspect of Apple Music isn't great and the app itself can be a pain to navigate.

@patrickrhone I never thought to do that either. We were only in Waterstones last weekend buying a stack of books as well!

@patrickrhone There might well be but I’m not sure myself. I’ll need to do some digging into it. You’re right though. If there isn’t, big opportunity!

@patrickrhone I love this change Patrick! When I was putting together my own reading page, I considered linking to Amazon but it felt like an empty gesture. I’d much rather link to the same books on Indiebound even if I’m based outside of the US.

@vincent This is on Windows. I actually find the whole UI for VS off putting. Not just the badly rendered fonts, but also the many tabs, pages and drop downs there are.

@jpayne I don't know if maybe an rule in your inbox might be useful here. It could filter out specific emails and forward them to Feedbin. I'm not sure if that would work. I'm just using Feedbin for newsletters that I sign up to with an email address as opposed to a username and are also free.

@manton Awesome! 👍

@jpayne There’s a dedicated email address in your Feedbin settings that you can use to change your email subscriptions to.

@patrickrhone Pass on our birthday wishes from everyone here in Scotland to Beatrix, age 12. My wife says all the best people are born on the 9th of February! 🎂

@jpayne I've been a user since Feedbin started. Not only is the web and native interface great to use, but you can also use a number of other apps with it like Reeder.

@BestofTimes I can see the interface options this morning. Through the web interface, if you view a feed and then click the "Format options" button, which is a paint brush over a square, you'll see the new Auto option for switching between light and dark mode.

@ChrisJWilson I think the web development community puts too much into the idea that because we can, we should. Without checks in place, is software literally eating the world?

On a more fun note I remember seeing an article about running a web server on a potato. Not very environmentally friendly as it needed a lot of potatoes to run, but interesting all the same!

@hjertnes It would be interesting to see the comparison between server side and client side rendering.

I agree you can improve the situation with a server configured correctly. Caching, CDNs and other techniques can do wonders for performance and make for a more efficient website.

I do wonder though what percentage of websites are using the wrong tech stack for their intended purposes. For example, using a framework if your site is fairly static.

@BestofTimes I haven’t tried the settings myself, but checking the app and website on two devices, I can’t see the settings. Might be due to be rolled out soon.

@hjertnes I've done plenty of large refactorings in my time. I only do them if they're absolutely necessary, so every once in a while I find myself facing one to do. I prefer smaller refactorings shipped over time, but this one had to be one big change. It's spread over a few commits though, and as always, the tests helped out as well.

@numericcitizen I tried!