@manton I hope the roll out goes smoothly! Looks great from what I have seen so far.

@gonsie I also used Todoist for a good few years. I liked it but at the time bullet journaling was taking off and wanted something away from a screen. I tried it for a brief spell at the start of the year. It’s still good, just not for me.

@jeannie I forgot OEM could do that. My bad. Is the option to turn on tailored ads an OEM setting as well? I just clicked through saying no to everything.

@toddgrotenhuis I'm not a fan of the subscription model either, but I do find the app useful.

@numericcitizen I'm not a fan of Fantastical's subscription model either, but I do find the app useful. I'm halfway through my subscription and will weigh up whether to renew it at that time.

@maique Golf bag is my “desk”! 😂

@jeannie I must admit, I’m not a fan of threads either, but for some people it’s just more convenient to compose a thread than it is to write a blog post. I don’t mind the smaller threads but I rarely read anything that is longer than a couple of threads long.

Of course I would rather read a blog post and in a perfect world, everyone would have their own blog, but we’re just not there ... yet!

@jeroensangers Just need to keep it going!

@kitt Stunning view!

@vincent As in “leaked” performance? 😂

@maique You’re right. It probably is working for more people but at what cost to your day? Endless hours thumbing through Instagram? No thanks.

@ChrisJWilson I’m now wondering when we’ll see ads in WhatsApp. It can’t be far away.

@cdevroe I rarely pair them to my Mac and instead pair them to my iPhone or iPad.

I don’t remember ever controlling the volume through my keyboard when it’s connected to my iPad though.

I usually just put them and adjust the volume once and that’s me for the day.

@maique I'll just move on to today's theme. I had a good one for yesterday as well!

@cdevroe I had a few attempts before trying for the 12pm time! 😂

@vincent Oh the horror that is Umbraco.

@hutaffe I’ve read that about it. I loved Game of Thrones, so anything on that epic scale is fine by me!

@V\_ The age of the text and the different writing style could be the big factors. It is the first I've tried to read the book. Maybe I'll come back to it in the future. For now though, it goes in the abandoned pile.

@hutaffe I’ve not read that but I might just wait for the series to land on Apple TV+ first and then decide if I should read it or not.

@vincent I think it's a universal thing. I think most people still put "WWW" in front of a website address when mentioning it in conversation. Most people I speak to you still do this.

@vincent I've been in the same boat Vincent over the last few weeks. It's been hard to get traction on a lot of things.

@vincent I haven't looked forward this much to a games console since the Nintendo Wii came out. I bought an Xbox after the Wii as I just wanted to have more games to play, the switch to the PS4 followed that. These were just purchases to try each of the platforms out. I hope the PS5 is a serious, pardon the pun, game changer.

@jeffmueller That is a frightening image. What makes this worse is that the protestors are getting support from #45.

@hutaffe Great picture! We’re still waiting for the greenery to appear in our part of the world. Hoping it will just be in a couple weeks that we’ll start to see it.

@stevepbrady My wife would have loved that. Her favourite Marvel hero and her favourite James Bond in the one place!