@jpayne I don't know if maybe an rule in your inbox might be useful here. It could filter out specific emails and forward them to Feedbin. I'm not sure if that would work. I'm just using Feedbin for newsletters that I sign up to with an email address as opposed to a username and are also free.

@manton Awesome! 👍

@jpayne There’s a dedicated email address in your Feedbin settings that you can use to change your email subscriptions to.

@patrickrhone Pass on our birthday wishes from everyone here in Scotland to Beatrix, age 12. My wife says all the best people are born on the 9th of February! 🎂

@jpayne I've been a user since Feedbin started. Not only is the web and native interface great to use, but you can also use a number of other apps with it like Reeder.

@BestofTimes I can see the interface options this morning. Through the web interface, if you view a feed and then click the "Format options" button, which is a paint brush over a square, you'll see the new Auto option for switching between light and dark mode.

@ChrisJWilson I think the web development community puts too much into the idea that because we can, we should. Without checks in place, is software literally eating the world?

On a more fun note I remember seeing an article about running a web server on a potato. Not very environmentally friendly as it needed a lot of potatoes to run, but interesting all the same!

@hjertnes It would be interesting to see the comparison between server side and client side rendering.

I agree you can improve the situation with a server configured correctly. Caching, CDNs and other techniques can do wonders for performance and make for a more efficient website.

I do wonder though what percentage of websites are using the wrong tech stack for their intended purposes. For example, using a framework if your site is fairly static.

@BestofTimes I haven’t tried the settings myself, but checking the app and website on two devices, I can’t see the settings. Might be due to be rolled out soon.

@hjertnes I've done plenty of large refactorings in my time. I only do them if they're absolutely necessary, so every once in a while I find myself facing one to do. I prefer smaller refactorings shipped over time, but this one had to be one big change. It's spread over a few commits though, and as always, the tests helped out as well.

@numericcitizen I tried!

@numericcitizen What were looking for Timepage to do that it doesn't?

@jeremycherfas Yip Timepage is a subscription app too, but it's much cheaper than Fantastical. It doesn't match Fantastical in terms of features, but it does the job.

@vincent That would be great. I'll be in touch soon! 👍

@kusters Thanks! I was hoping there was an export button hidden away somewhere.

@hjertnes I can use it without upgrading, but the locked out features would start to be annoying. I'm all in or out with an app.

@chet I've been assessing my subscriptions over the last month and I'm in the process of curbing a few non-essentials that I don't need. I've reached a limit and Fantastical is now one of those non-essentials.

You are right, subscriptions are least valuable on their first day. I hope that Flexbits can bring it back as I do like their apps.

@vincent Great post Vincent!

Developers that create and sell apps need to be able to sustain a living, and I don't begrudge any developer who charges money for their products whether that be a one off charge or a subscription charge, but the value that Fantastical offers isn't enough for me to stump out the annual (and cheaper) subscription at this time. I might go for it in the future, but right now, I want to keep my subscriptions to a minimum.

I do agree with you though. I don't like subscriptions either but it seems the only way forward.

@hutaffe On a separate note, how did you export your Animoji to use it as an avatar?

@stefp That’s good to know. I haven’t fully read the review myself but skimming over MacStories, The Sweet Setup and a couple of others, the new version looks to being well received by reviewers.

@hutaffe I don’t mind paying for the software I use, but with everything going subscription based I do need to weed out what I want from what I need.

Right now, I can do without Fantastical but I might come back to it if my needs change.

@hjertnes I definitely don't which is why I am switching to Calendar. However, I did enjoy using the Fantastical app up until this annoucement. It is a good looking and helpful app. I'm just not convinced that it's worth the amount that Flexbits are charging.

@stefp Does the MacStories review help? I see a couple of things that I already or used to get for free.

@ChrisJWilson I'm going to move to Calendar in the meantime. I'm starting to wonder if the pricing will change or they might make some the premium features standard. Lots of mixed opinions on Twitter as well.

@pyrmont I use DuckDuckGo as well and it's great for just about all my searches. If I can't find what I am looking for on the first couple of pages of search results, I append the Google bang (!g) and see what results Google gives me. It doesn't happen very often though.