@stevebrady I never really thought of it that way Steve. It sometimes does become more about the app than getting something done using the app. I'm hoping that using the default apps by Apple will be less distracting.

@vincent Nice! I'm looking at the MacBook Air for myself. I don't quite have the need for a dedicated desktop at the moment. Would love the excuse to need one though!

@colinwalker Thanks for the support Colin. I've lost count of the number of times I've wanted to step away from the web. Despite all the negatives, there are benefits. I'm just finding it hard to see them over the last couple of years.

@numericcitizen I may have a niche use for it, but it's not a big priority right now.

@gregmoore Thanks for the link to the Full Cast & Crew episode!

@JMaxB I am a fan of the books, although I only started reading them after seeing the movie. Still, better than not reading them at all!

@vincent I downloaded it for a try but I didn't give it enough time to make a fair assessment on it. I like what I see on the website though, and plenty of extensions there.

@patrickrhone I'll be sure to check this out later, but coincidentally, your post comes just the day after I decided to delete a number of apps and their subscriptions as they were not working for me. The first thing I did after deleting these apps and subscriptions? I installed the Apple's Calendar app again.

I don't think I will be installing Reminders though. Pen and paper is enough for me at the moment for managing tasks. I've been back and forward over the last couple of years with different apps, but bullet journaling is the one task manager that I always come back too.

@colinwalker Always the same with me, I start with something complex instead of starting with something simple. Love and learn.

@JacksonOfTrades I like some of the features on Vivaldi. I just wish Firefox was a bit more progressive as a browser. Feels like it has stagnated over the last few years.

@hjertnes I agree. I sometimes have to pinch myself to realise that he's in charge of the country.

@vincent Thanks Vincent! I should have done this years ago. Already picked up a few things that I forgot Rails could do.

@hjertnes I’ve been trying to get up earlier and finish earlier and give myself more time for coding later in the day, but it doesn’t always happen. Doesn’t help that it’s still dark first thing in the morning, but I think it will get easier as the light starts to arrive earlier in the morning.

@vishae I didn’t get that either about the ruler guide. Seems weird to print it on the inside cover. That separate ruler is a good idea though!

@gregmoore I've got a similar system but it's all in my head. I can remember a handul of layouts using the coordinates of dots on the page.I'd still prefer the dot-grid system though. Just in case I forget!

@matthewlang The image in question appears in the RSS feed but isn't propagated through to here.

@matthewlang Hmm, looks like my images aren't getting pushed across to Micro.blog. Anyone have any pointers in getting this to work?

@rom Following you on Micro.blog. Consider us buddies!

@patrickrhone We should! I will message you through Twitter later on this morning.

@maique I’m going to leave it on my phone this time. I’ve had it on and off a few times but it’s staying on this time. Managed to add some people to it but not a lot. I think with time, I’ll see more people on it.

@SteveSawczyn I haven't implemented commenting yet, but it's something that I would like to do. If you don't want to deal with the technical side of the blog, then definitely stick with Micro.blog.

@crossingthethreshold Thank you!

@johnjohnston Moving from Micro.blog to my own blog was the easiest blog migration I've ever had to do. It involved a few scripts to cleanse some data and fix a few URLs, but other than that, quite simple. @manton should definitely be commended for the abililty to move to other platforms with ease.

@jack Looks great!

@hutaffe I like Connery in The Hunt for Red October, The Untouchables and any of his Bond movies.