Off The Grid

Stephen Fry's post makes for a good argument in getting off the grid.

Jacking out of the matrix would cast one as a hero of the kind of dystopian film that proved popular in the 70s, Logan’s Run, Zardoz, Soylent Green, Fahrenheit 451 … on the run from The Corporation, with the foot soldiers of The System hard on your heels. We really are starting to live in that kind of movie, mutatis mutandis, so surely it’s time to join the Rebels, the Outliers, the Others who live beyond the Wall and read forbidden books, sing forbidden songs and think forbidden thoughts in defiance of The One.

Off the grid by Stephen Fry

I would love to delete my digital footprint (with the exception of this blog of course), but what does that achieve for myself? My career is the Internet.

Stephen of course is not just a conventional celebrity, he's more than that. I can understand why he would like to remove himself from the digital world, but it's not really an option for me.

A freelance web developer without a Twitter account?

How absurd.