New Kindle Oasis

Not content with the millions of Kindles out there, Amazon have introduced another Kindle to the family. This time it's the Oasis. A very different Kindle to previous models and with a new longer battery.

One of the Kindle's signature features has always been its marathon battery life—up to six weeks in the case of the Voyage, assuming that you read on average for a half hour a day. I always assumed that such endurance was sacrosanct, but with the Kindle Oasis, Amazon has messed with its recipe in a new way. The device is so small and thin that it packs a rather dinky battery, which Amazon says provides up to two weeks of power, again based on an average of 30 minutes of reading a day. But every Oasis comes with a posh leather case with a much beefier built-in battery. The case snaps on magnetically—its battery sits next to the hump on the e-reader, and fills in the surrounding area—turning the whole package into an e-reader that can run for up to two months, a new Kindle record.

Amazon's Kindle Oasis: The Highest-End High-End Kindle So Far by Fast Company

The extended battery life, new look and what I would consider to be minor features aren't enough for me to upgrade. I'm happy with my Paperwhite.