My Hardware Development Tools - 2016 Edition

For this week I’m going to focus on the different development tools I use and why I chose them. Today we're going to look ay my hardware line up. It hasn’t changed since the last time I wrote about this in 2015.

MacBook Pro

I’m using the same MacBook Pro I bought in 2014. The only issue I’ve had in the last year is that I stupidly left it plugged in all the time. Over time the battery gradually degraded in performance and got to the point where I was only getting an hour or two out of it. An appointment at the Genius Bar and was able to get a replacement battery for my MacBook. Now my battery performance is back to a level where I can safely work away from my desk for longer.

The MacBook itself is still fast and responsive. The screen is probably the feature I like the most about it. The crystal-clear Retina screen is easy on the eye and makes reading articles and code easier with no blurring of pixels.

Dell U2414H Monitor

My Dell monitor is still clear and crisp and is my main screen for the day when I’m working. It’s not as clear as the Retina screen on my MacBook but it’s close enough that I can use it all day for coding.

Logitech K811

I love this keyboard. With it’s backlit keys and ability to switch to multiple devices I’m happy to keep this going for the foreseeable future.

If you’re thinking of buying one or are having problems with battery life then I suggest you turn off the backlit keys during the hours of the day where you can see the keys using natural light. I used to have the backlit keys on all day, and it drains the battery on the keyboard quickly.

I don’t see this version of the keyboard on the British Logitech website but it is still available on Amazon. There’s a new model, the K870 that has rounded keys. Not sure if it’s any better than the K811 but the multiple device support is there with a docking bay for your phone and tablet. Not sure I'm sold on the rounded keys though.

Mighty Mouse

Finally there’s the Mighty Mouse. I’ve persevered with this for over two years now and the problem of frequently disconnecting from my MacBook is still there. If anyone has any recommendations for alternatives to the Mighty Mouse then I would love to hear from you.

Seagate Backup Drive

I’m still using this Seagate drive for Time Machine backups. I haven’t had to do a restore from it for sometime so I think it might be due for replacement. I’m not sure on the lifespan of hard drives but I would like to move to something a little less bulky and faster. Perhaps an SSD drive would be a nice addition to my backup process.

Anymore Changes?

My hardware selection doesn’t get changed that often. I know developers that change their equipment on a yearly basis but if it works, why change it? I did consider the move to a MacBook Air in the past but the MacBook models have changed again and I don’t see me making the move to a MacBook or MacBook Air. It might be another year or two before I consider changing my laptop again for another MacBook Pro, but until that day I'm happy with what I have.