There comes a point in your career when you can no longer coast along just punching in and out and doing a day's work. Nobody tell's when that time will come. It can be in the first few days of your job or after years of working for yourself.

When that time comes to level up, you can do two things.

  1. Ignore the opportunity and keep coasting along doing the same thing you do every day. Eventually though the opportunity will reveal itself again.
  2. Use the opportunity to level up and start making improvements in your career and your prospects.

While I've been doing client work for five days a week for the last two years, the chance to level up has presented itself on a number of occasions. Each time though I've used the excuse that I don't have the time to make improvements or start learning something new, and while that is a poor excuse, it's what I did.

I'm paying the price for it now though. I'm still busy working for clients and next year's schedule is looking great. I can't always bank on having the same clients though in the next five years. They may no longer be using the web frameworks that I specialise in, they be looking for alternatives that I am not well versed in. They might even want to take a look at something completely new.

When clients want to level up, you need to be ready to level up with them. Whether it's technology, tools or processes, you need to be able to have enough knowledge to level up with them. To make this transition as easy as possible it helps if you can be the one that levels up first. Then your party of clients can follow.

So when the opportunity presents itself to learn something new, do yourself a favour. Don't ignore it.