Less Noise

I’m a user and fan of the private social networking app Path. I love the constraints on their product. You can’t post from the web, just your phone.

It’s also private for you and your family and friends. I like that. We don’t always need to tell the world everything. I’m as guilty of anyone as this. I share links, photos and videos on Twitter like everyone else, but I do question the real value that comes from just throwing out content for the world to see, whether it takes the form of a link, an image or even a tweet.

I would love to see another service like Twitter, but one that focuses on privacy and constraints. Private timelines that are accessible only by the people involved in that timeline, Enough space in each post for a couple of hundred words. And maybe even limiting the posting frequency to a couple of posts a day, maybe even one. Sounds like a blog, sounds like a private RSS feed, it even sounds like an email newsletter subscription. Sounds like a lot of things.

One thing it isn’t is public. The other is that it isn't adding to the noise levels. Maybe we need something like that.