The last year has been a real struggle here on the blog. Inconsistent posting and a lack of direction is to blame. Or so I would think.

Over two years ago I was churning out a post a day on this blog and not just random stuff either. There was a general theme of topics around writing, technology, freelancing and a few other things. Not a day went by without hitting that publish button.

Today though it seems I've lost that daily nudge to just write.

When I was publishing daily I started to think that I needed to start scheduling posts ahead of schedule. It got me thinking about structuring my blog and managing it a bit better.

Truth is I simply made the blogging process even more complicated. It's taken me over a year to see this.

My blog is a marketing tool, but it's also my little private corner of the Internet. What should it be though?

As a personal site it should be nothing more than a scrapbook of links and posts entered around the topics that have my interest at the time.

No more scheduling of content, no more obsessing of schedules. If I want to create a site around a particular group of topics with more of a structure then I'll just create a new blog and structure my writing for that.

In the meantime though, I'm going to loose the reins of my blog and see where it takes me again. I'm just going to blog more.