Falling Out With Twitter

It's happening again. I'm falling out of favour with Twitter. Last night I thumbed through about six or seven promoted tweets in my timeline and I hadn't even reached back an hour in my timeline. I don't mind Twitter injecting a couple of promoted tweets in my timeline but six is a bit much.

It's taken me a while to realise it but Twitter is killing itself. We haven't had a great feature added to Twitter in a long time. Instead we get constant fiddling with the timeline and more promoted tweets. I was all ready to defend Twitter a couple of months ago but that defence has been worn down. The timeline is less fun to read these days with the interruptions of promoted tweets and other content such as recommend people and apps.

The worse part though is that it doesn't have the banter from years ago. Very few people I follow are what I would call active users. Back in the day there were plenty of active users in my time. Maybe everyone else is busy or like me they're put off by Twitter.