Facebook Blogging?

Blogging on Facebook. A chance for the masses to have more of a say online or just another way to keep people in the walled garden of Zuckerberg?

I want to bring blogging to Facebook. I think it's the only way we can get back on track, by giving the sources great tools to communicate with people who are thirsty for ideas and information. But we can't do it without linking, styles, titles and links to rich media. We can't boot up a culture of free thinking inside a silo without these basic features of the web. We need to be able to get our ideas into this space so they can engage with the people here and connect with ideas that live outside of Facebook.

I still want to bring blogging to Facebook by Dave Winer

I might have been set against this in the past, but Dave's arguments for blogging on Facebook make sense. It's another way for people to connect.