For a while there has been a nagging at the back of my mind. Am I really getting the full use from my to-do list? Two people have made me question this in the last couple of weeks.

The first was by Patrick Rhone after re-reading a post from a while back:

You see, when the things you hope to do are on some long wish list of things you hope to do, they are telling you a lie. They are telling you that you that every single thing on there is of equal importance.

Better Things by Patrick Rhone

The second was CJ Chilvers on the idea of killing your to-do list:

I've slowly become a convert to the idea that we need to concentrate on our calendars a whole lot more to achieve what we want in work and life. If you want it done, it must be scheduled. If it's not scheduled, it's just another item on your wishlist that will never be completed.

Kill Your To-do List by CJ Chilvers

I work from my calendar through the day for the high level things like client work and bigger projects. For this I use Trello and schedule cards I'm working on into my calendar. For the low level things like errands and such I use Todoist. Lately though I've found that Todoist has been holding nothing more than smaller tasks. This has lead me to question my value in using it.

So for the next few weeks, I'll be sticking with Trello for bigger projects and scheduling work into my calendar. With Todoist dropped I'm going to look for an alternative to Todoist. It might be Trello itself, a pocket notebook or just an index card. I haven't decided yet.