For over a year now I've been writing my morning pages by hand. At first the exercise was all about moving away from the growing stack of digital tools I was using. It was becoming tedious continually sitting at a screen so I started handwriting my morning pages.

The exercise itself forced me to slow down a bit more and practice my handwriting. It's been going well and I've got a stack of full notebooks to show for it.

I use a Hobonichi Techo planner for logging a few things through the day and scheduling important meetings and work. It means I'm writing a lot more than I did in the past, and the time I'm spending on writing is growing. If I had no client work on then it wouldn't be a problem, but I'm doing client work most days.

Whether my morning pages are handwritten or typed, I'm know that I'm still getting the value out of my morning pages, but the time taken to type my morning pages is much shorter than handwriting them. To that end I'm typing my morning pages again on

I started this morning with a weekly review and will be using it just like I did with my handwritten morning pages, focusing on a particular topic for each day and just writing.

I love using pen and paper where I can. It's portable and flexible. There comes a point though when the digital alternative has clearer benefits and it's definitely the case here.