Weekly Digest

No digest last week due to a little problem with this blog after I imported 1700 posts to it. It’s all back up and running now though.

I migrated my freelancing website from Ghost to Jekyll and I’m very happy with the results. It includes a much better layout, searching and reduced hosting costs. I’ve been getting frustrated with a Ghost of late due to an issue in their new editor that prevents you from editing or creating new posts on an iPad. Ghost has its benefits but the updates are very few and far between. Next to get the migration treatment is my own personal site.

Glad to see Ethan out on the course this week. The weather has truly been against him when it comes to getting out but he took advantage of the good weather and managed to out on the course for his lesson this week. Even though the season hasn’t started, he is improving under the watchful eye of our club professional.

At home I finally finished Assasin’s Creed Origins. A great game and the change of environment did make it more playable. Towards the end it did feels like it was starting to drag, but they may be down to myself electing to play more of the side quests than was necessary. Back to Overwatch next week!

I also finished my first book of 2018, Persepolis Rising, the latest book in the The Expanse series. This book picks up 30 years after Babylon’s Ashes although judging from the behaviour of some of the crew of the Rocinante, it wasn’t always evident. Still a good read.

Weekly Digest

January is one of those months that just never seems to end. Still two weeks to go until the end of the month. Christmas is a distant memory and already there are chocolate Eater treats in the shops for sale. There should be some kind of law that prohibits this nonsense!

Anyway, life continues. Full week of client work, full week of kids back at school (yes!) and all the usual things that happen in the house return to normal.

Busy week for Ethan with his golf. Tuesday night session at the golf centre, lesson with the club professional on Thursday and his first half-round on the course for 2018. Windy conditions today with temporary greens and a very wet course, but he played well on the front nine. Aiming to repeat this next week and keep up lessons and practice to be ready for the start of the season.

I watched the highlights from Saturday nights divisional playoff games this morning and then settled down for the Jags/Steelers game tonight. It was a great game, and probably the games of the season.

No product updates this week, although I did manage to break down a few larger tasks into smaller ones and completed a move of several projects from Trello to GitHub. I've got one master project that tracks everything else using GitHub's ability to track projects in cards. There's a few features that I miss from Trello but this one feature alone makes managing multiple projects and repos a lot easier.

I'm still sticking with Trello for client projects though. Trello is simpler for business owners and non-developers to use than GitHub's projects and issue tracker is.

I'm opting to stay away from any depressing news items or links. There's only so much negative news you can take. Have a good remainder of your weekend.

Weekly Digest

That’s the holidays over and everything is getting back to normal. Well, almost!

Managed to make it to the movies on Tuesday to see Jumanji and then a visit to the driving range with the boys on Wednesday rounded off their holidays before they went back to school on Thursday.

Also watched Bright on Netflix this week. Not a bad movie and I didn’t think it deserved the criticism it got. Me and Jennifer have also started watching Godless on Netflix as well. Really enjoying it so far.

I’ve managed to set Star Wars Battlefront 2 (it’s growing on me) and Overwatch to the side and installed Assasin’s Creed Origins. So far I’m impressed. I haven’t played the series since Black Flag, so the absence of playing any of the recent AC games might be the reason I’m enjoying it so much.

I’m reading Persepolis Rising, the seventh book in the Expanse series. This book picks up sometime after the events of Babylon’s Ashes. I’m still enjoying this series and it’s been great getting to know what the crew of the Rocinante have been up to.

Weekly Digest

Another week closer to Christmas, another week of school and club activities for the boys.

We started off on Monday with the primary school nativity. Drew as always took it all in his stride and put in a very casual but confident performance as a shepherd. Monday night was the final RGU coaching session for 2017. Just a fun night for the boys really as they tried out different types of shots.

It looks like the season is over for the Packers tonight. It was a big ask for Rogers to come back and take the Packers to a victory over the Panthers, and for a while it looked like it was possible. Sadly though, it just didn’t go in the Packers favour. Just need to wait for next season now and enjoy the remainder of the season and the playoffs.

The highlight of the week though was seeing The Last Jedi on Friday night. A great follow-up to The Force Awakens.

Weekly Digest

I’m still a couple of weeks away from finishing for the holidays, plenty of work to keep me busy.

Drew had a great weekend with the golf club Christmas party on Saturday and Jennifer took him down to the winter festival in town this morning. Despite the cold he had a great time.

I finished watching The Punisher this week on Netflix. Jon Bernthal was great as Shane in The Walking Dead. The violence might be a bit much for some people but the story was great. One to watch.

Looking forward to The Last Jedi on Friday!

Weekly Digest

I missed last week's weekly digest due to an ongoing battle the sniffles that I have only recently came out on top of.

Last weekend's highlight was a Sunday afternoon at the golf club with Drew taking part in a putting competition in the clubhouse. The kids were supposed to play on the course that day but with some snow on the course the kids had to make do with the putting competition. Drew had a great time up there and as always, Ethan was there guiding him with each putt.

Me and Jennifer hit the shops on Friday to finish up the Christmas shopping and then on Saturday we got round to putting up the Christmas tree. We're not the earliest to have our tree up, we already seen a few up before December even started.

The biggest downer of last week (and the month) was the release of Star Wars Battlefront II. I loved the first game and I really wanted the new game to have all the elements of the first game but on a wider selection of bigger maps.

I can't begin to describe how much of a disappoint the game has been and that is without the controversial loot boxes. What it boils down to though is the amount of hours you need to put in to progress in the game. I am not going to give up completly on the game though. I expect there to be some major changes coming soon and hopefully this will address some of the issues.

Weekly Digest

The cold has been doing the rounds in the Lang household this week. The boys and I have gotten with light sniffles this week, but Jennifer been the worse affected. Hopefully, it will pass in the next couple of days though.

I took the boys to the Glasgow Golf Centre on Tuesday. I always take Ethanto here but Drew has been chomping at the bit to go, so he came along as well. Ethan did all his usual practices and drills, with Drew watching closely behind. It was a great experience for Drew, and I’ll be taking him back over the winter, but only once every few weeks.

We had the boys parent’s night this week as well. Both their teachers had nothing but praise for them, but Ethan could be doing with spending a bit more time reading. He’s never really been a reader, but we’re still trying to find the right book or genre that gets him reading just a bit more than he does now.

On Saturday we hit the cinema to see the latest Thor movie, Thor: Ragnarok. We’ve seen all the Marvel movies for the MCU with the exception of Dr Strange. Up to this point, the family favourite has been Ant-Man, but I think Thor: Ragnarok might just have stole that title. It was hilarious, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.

Weekly Digest

Another week closer to Christmas. I’ve already had my first mince pie and it’s still November!

A session at the golf centre and a practice session with Andy at the golf club seen Ethan getting a bit more speed on the ball. We’re getting as many lessons as we can in outdoors while we still have the light, but there are only a few more weeks left before even this will be impossible due to shorter days.

Over the weekend we went to Jennifer’s cousins 40th birthday party. It was great to see everyone together including a visit from Jennifer’s cousins and uncle from Wales. We’re planning a trip down for next year to see them. I am split though between taking the golf clubs or the mountain bike.

Last week Jennifer and I decided to start watching Stranger Things. With all the hype around it, I still wasn’t even sure about the story or the characters. My sister-in-law described it brilliantly as the Goonies meets X-files. I might also go as far to add another movie in there, but that would give it away. Stranger Things season 1 was great television, but the best thing about it was the setting. The 80’s. There were so many things Jennifer and I could relate too. I highly recommend it.

On the flip side, The Walking Dead has been rather dismal for this season. It has peaked and dipped through each season, but I can’t remember it being as slow as it is now. Sure there have been some real low points when characters are killed off, but that’s just part of the story, and in a world of zombies it’s just one of two ways to go. There was only one scene for me in last week’s episode that had any emotion about it. I’m sticking with it though. I’ve watched every season so far, and I hope that it can get better before it gets any worse.

Also still enjoying Star Trek Discovery but with a busy couple of weeks we’ve fallen behind in episodes. Will be catching up this week though.

  • We will remember them - Remembrance Sunday was yesterday. A chance to reflect on those who made the ultimate sacrifice.
  • Why not just ban guns and when people are upset about it, just send them thoughts and prayers? - Another week, another shooting. For me, this tweet sums up the situation. When it’s going to hit home that guns are dangerous?
  • Do we need to teach children joined-up handwriting? - While schools will always teach writing, it seems that joined-up handwriting is on the decline in schools. I’m not sure where I stand on this one. I can understand the arguments against joined-up handwriting in the digital age, why do we need to teach this? I am leaning towards the teaching of joined-up writing to remain in schools.
  • Paradise Papers: Dear Tim Cook - I love using Apple’s products, but I do wonder why the tax loops are jumped through for everywhere outside of the US and yet we have to pay more for Apple products in the UK.
  • The Value of Attention - A reminder that while many are still pursuing the lucrative followers count on their respective social media platforms, many people are killing it simply by using their balance sheet as a follower count.
  • RSS: there’s nothing better - The case for RSS in the age of social media.
  • The Case for RSS - Another case for RSS.
  • #RememberWebsites - Do you remember websites?
  • Basics: The Walk 7 - The basics of the walk. I’ve been taking a weekly walk on a Monday at lunchtime. As good a time as any to get out of the office and take in some fresh air.
  • Anker Classic Bluetooth Speaker - Added to the wishlist but it’s not an essential purchase. We already have Bluetooth speakers in the office/den, and there’s another in the kitchen. I can’t justify buying another, but Anker products are great. Perhaps in the future.

Weekly Digest

Another hectic week with Ethan having two lessons this week and Drew having a lesson, Halloween on the Tuesday, school discos on the Wednesday and a fireworks show on the Saturday.

Ethan had a great lesson with Andy on Thursday afternoon and the conditions were great for it as well. Just a few minor tweaks and Ethan was hitting the ball straighter and longer. Drew continued with his lessons on Sunday and he received a glowing report as well. Drew’s first competition is in a couple of weeks. He’ll love the opportunity to go out and play on the course.

The boys enjoyed Halloween this year but the number of houses in our street that take part has definitely fallen. There was a time when practically the whole street was doing it.

While Halloween might have been a let down bonfire night didn’t disappoint. With the exception of one year, we’ve always went into town to watch the fireworks display for bonfire night. The town is usually bustling with people and there is music and stalls to entertain everyone before the main event. We noticed it was really busy last year, so this year we decided to do it a little different and watched the fireworks from a vantage point over-looking the town.

Aside from the sodden mucky grass we were standing in, we had a great view of the fireworks going off and the boys had a great time as well. Next year we’re going to do the same thing but find a drier spot and bring a better camera to try and capture a few shots of the fireworks.

To round off the week I spent a bit of time getting the theme for this blog working for Micro.blog. I think it’s ready to go but there’s still the process of having the theme being added to the list of existing themes for Micro.blog users. Fingers crossed that Manton can add this in sooner rather than later!

Weekly Digest

They say that life begins at 40. Well, they haven’t had the week I’ve had when it comes to ailments. Headaches were the worst part. I haven’t had headaches like this for years.

Back to school for the boys this week and back to work for me and Jen. Client work is keeping me as busy as ever but I’m having to manage my time a bit better as I’m spending more time writing new content for the DigitalBothy blog.

I skipped on pre-ordering the iPhone X. Cost isn’t the whole reason, but just part of it. I’m still using an iPhone 5 SE. It’s still got at least another couple of years in it. I’m a bit picky these days about where my hard-earned cash goes when it comes to gadgets.

Weekly Digest

I had the week off with the boys last week so we did a few things we don’t usually do. I took the boys to the cinema on Monday and on Wednesday we went to Flip Out in Glasgow. Ethan finally got the break in the weather he needed to hit the golf course on Friday for his review with the club pro. Be interesting to see what he has to work on over the winter. Of course whatever Ethan is doing, Drew wants to do as well, so he starts his golf academy next weekend! Looking forward to seeing him do as well as Ethan.

As enjoyable as the week was, it isn’t always a bad thing to get back to work.

Weekly Digest

Not much happened last week. More time at the golf centre for Ethan and I was finishing off some client work last week as I am enjoying a week off this week. There'll be more in next week's digest. As I publish this we're getting ready for storm Ophelia hitting the west of Scotland. By the time it gets here, it will have a slightly fizzled out a bit but will still hit us with a fair amount of wind.

Weekly Digest

This is the first in an ongoing series of weekly posts that I am going to do. With Micro.blog taking over for shorter posts, I still want to write longer posts here. Seems fitting that I write a weekly update including what’s been happening and what I’ve found interesting on the web. Enjoy!

In a week that has been dominated by another mass shooting in the US, once again, people are raising questions about gun control laws and civil rights when it comes to bearing fire arms. I believe a step in the right direction is more restrictions on gun ownership and how many guns a single person can own, but that’s just my 2 cents.

With daylight becoming scarce now, it's time to get Ethan back to the driving range and the golf centre for some indoor practice. It doesn't compare to being out on the course, but it's the next best thing. He spent some time on short game this week in preparation for the Lexwell Trophy, a team stabelford event which is held at Elderslie Golf Club every year. Unfortnately the Paisley team couldn't get the points needed for another win, but I was glad to see Ethan hitting the ball well throughout his round. Well done to the Kilmacolm boys who look set to have a great team for this in the next few years.

Star Trek Discovery has been entertaining and with episode 3 now aired, I think I’m in this for the long haul. I especially liked the end of episode 3 though. A sense of darkness about the upcoming episodes perhaps? From what I’ve watched, Star Trek television shows have never veered too much on darker stories. I like where Discovery is going with this though.

I'm back to writing content for the DigitalBothy blog. The importance of such content for the blog might not seem like much now, but in the long term I want to gather enough interested people and organisations to sign up for my Bothybytes newsletter which will accompany the blog and be launched in November.