Just downloaded iA Writer from the App Store. I forgot how wonderfully simple this editor was. Quite a few new features in here since I last used, but still simple. Love it.

Version 3.00 of my preferred typeface for coding, Iosevka, just dropped.

Star Wars meets Top Gun? I never thought I would see that happen but it does kind of work.

This demo for the latest Unreal Engine is absolutely astounding. The level of detail, lighting effects and sound add a whole new level of expectation to what the next generation of games will deliver.

After a lapse of reading, I’m back on track and finished Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo tonight. A good story and something a bit different from your usual fantasy books. 📚

The Last of Us Part II is finally getting a release date in June and the new trailer is just adding to the excitement.

Another wonderful evening stroll through the trees with Jennifer and the boys.

What better way to celebrate Star Wars day than a test of patience with a jigsaw.

Tantive IV set complete! Took a wee bit longer than we planned but it’s finally finished. Just need to find a place to put it now.

Care package from mum arrived this afternoon in the form of sticky toffee pudding complete with a jar of toffee sauce. Went down a storm tonight after dinner! Thanks mum!

After some consideration, I’ve decided to kill my Atlassian account. I’m not using any of their products other than Trello. Despite Trello’s benefits though, it can be replaced by a number of tools that I already own.

Progress on the Tantive IV build has been good. Almost there!

I’ve been trying to build a series of themes using the Tailwind CSS framework. Creating the different components of each theme is simple to do, but bring these components together has been more challenging. My design eye for these things isn’t great.

Nicholas Bate with some basics for your marketing strategy.

Mobile version of XCode coming to iOS? I hope so.

Kurt Harden is supporting local businesses. We all should do this and continue to do so when the pandemic ends.

Having to do the “confirm email address, reset password, login, associate account” dance this morning to get my Atlassian account to replace my Trello account. Not exactly a smooth process, but then these account migrations rarely are.

Another night, another walk in the local fields with the sun shining. Great time for the family to get out the house.

In an effort to break the boredom I’ve opened a few Lego sets that we had initially put by.

Drew’s been desperate to build the Tantive IV set so we’re starting with this one and just doing a couple of bags a day. It’s definitely going to be quite big when it will be done.

Great day for a walk, although the trees are still a little bare for my liking.

Me and Jen watched Knives Out last night on Apple TV. We fancied it when we first seen the trailers for the cinema release, but we decided to just wait for it to appear on the small screen. We thoroughly enjoyed it and Daniel Craig’s southern accent wasn’t too shabby either! 🎬

Fresh start Mondays with Nicholas Bate.

Kurt’s great day.

A brand new editor is coming to the Bear app and it is available now if you want early access to it. Tables would be a welcome addition to my notes, but I think I’d rather wait for the official release though. I’d rather not risk screwing up my notes.

The Twitter timeline is just completely unusable. Tweets are injected into your timeline by different signals and it makes it too confusing to follow. Trying to rectify this by using Nighthawk for iOS to keep my timeline simple and using Feedbin to follow lists.