A moment of peace and quiet as I walked off the golf course a couple of weeks ago. #mbaug

A bug is causing my TailwindCSS to fail all of a sudden. #mbaug

Me and Drew had a great afternoon playing golf under a sky of floating clouds. #mbaug

Looking up through the trees in the back garden. #mbaug

Despite numerous attempts to read Dune over the last few months, I just can’t get into it.

Normally I wouldn’t be too bothered about ditching a book. However, when you see it on “must read” science fiction lists, you wonder if you’re missing something about the book.

Made the switch from Apple Music to Spotify today. So much easier to move about in the app and there’s the addition of the web player as well.

To get myself familiar with Ruby on Rails again, I’ve been taking some ideas from other web applications and implementing them myself. I started with Hey’s auto-filing labels. In doing so I picked up a wee bit more on remote forms and Turbolinks and the .to_sentence method.

I’ve been enjoying watching Picard on Amazon Prime for the last couple of nights. Just a few episodes in, but really enjoying it.

A paid tier on Twitter? If the benefits were right, I’d definitely go for it.

We had a new deck put in the back garden to give us more seating space. Up until that time, Scotland had been enjoying a wonderful sunshine. Since the deck was finished, and coincidentally lockdown restrictions eased, it’s been pretty much grey and wet.

That’s Scotland for you.

Sat down with the rest of the family tonight and watched Hamilton on Disney+. Absolutely amazing, loved it!

Friday night fun.

Pizzas from our favourite local Italian restaurant, a couple of cocktails for me and Jen, followed a few board games including the family favourite, King of Tokyo.

A great way to start the weekend.

Despite switching to TailwindCSS, I still find myself styling components so that they look very similar to Bootstrap. I’m still startout on the journey of TailwindCSS though, and I think in time, I’ll start to find ways to get away from this styling.

Today’s plan was to get in a round of golf with my son, my dad and my uncle at my dad’s golf club. I’ve been looking forward to it for a couple of weeks. As always though, the weather has scuppered these plans.

Taking the day to instead work on my product for a few hours.

Great night for a few holes.

Wonderful night for a walk.

Just downloaded iA Writer from the App Store. I forgot how wonderfully simple this editor was. Quite a few new features in here since I last used, but still simple. Love it.

Version 3.00 of my preferred typeface for coding, Iosevka, just dropped.

Star Wars meets Top Gun? I never thought I would see that happen but it does kind of work.

This demo for the latest Unreal Engine is absolutely astounding. The level of detail, lighting effects and sound add a whole new level of expectation to what the next generation of games will deliver.

After a lapse of reading, I’m back on track and finished Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo tonight. A good story and something a bit different from your usual fantasy books. 📚

The Last of Us Part II is finally getting a release date in June and the new trailer is just adding to the excitement.

Another wonderful evening stroll through the trees with Jennifer and the boys.

What better way to celebrate Star Wars day than a test of patience with a jigsaw.

Tantive IV set complete! Took a wee bit longer than we planned but it’s finally finished. Just need to find a place to put it now.