I’ve been trying to get some traction going on a few web applications over the last couple of months. It’s just not been happening. Countless distractions and lack of motivation has been difficult to get past. Going to give it another go though over the next six weeks.

David Sparks shares the aftermath of the California wildfires.

Ordered the Shape Up book from Basecamp. Sure I could read the book for free on the website, but having my own copy means I can put my own notes on it as I read.

It’s amazing how clear a subject becomes when you write about it.

Having used both Grammarly and Ulysses grammar checking tools on a few blog posts tonight, it’s clear that Grammarly suggests more changes than Ulysses does. Going to keep using both though over the next few months to see if I make do with Ulysses own grammar checking tool.

Note to self, start reading again.

Nice to see there are still apps out there like Reeder that keep on releasing versions with a seperate price for each version. Happy to keep paying the price for each version. It would be nice to see more apps like that.

My patience for software development over the last couple of years has grown to the point where I would love to throw in the towel with it. A defeatist attitude perhaps, but it’s a feeling that I’ve been unable to shake off in the last few months.

What did I miss from last night’s Apple event?

As far as I can tell, a new iPhone, a new mini HomePod and a new feature in iOS called Intercom. I’m quite happy to just catch up the morning after now with these events now.

The surprise factor behind the Field Notes subscription has definitely tailed off for me. It’s just become another pack of notebooks in the post. They are fantastic notebooks, but the subscription used to include other items in their quarterly drops. Sadly, not so much anymore.

That’s my first Rails application ported over to DigitalOcean’s Apps platform. It was only a single page Rails website so hardly taxing, but the experience of migrating over was worth it. In time, I hope to migrate more Rails apps to DigitalOcean.

Friday night dinner at the golf club with a cracking view. Great start to the weekend.

What a fantastic evening for the young golfers getting coaching tonight.

Autumn is all about the apples and cinnamon.

Another Sunday. Another nine holes with Drew. Cracking day for it and he managed to play most of the holes from the junior red tees. He even managed a double bogey on one hole, which for his age, is great going.

Technology is tiring.

I just setup a Windows laptop for the first time in over 15 years. Saying no to ads and declining to take up third party offers like Dropbox isn’t how I remeber my last setup. If this is the way that Microsoft is going, you can count me out.

Fantastical’s widgets are here. Still hoping for widgets from Reeder, Instapaper, Spotify and Basecamp.

Reading Twitter lists in Feedbin has been largely a painful process. With some lists containing 50+ accounts, it becomes more of a chore than anything else to get through them. Might be time to extract just the key accounts to follow individually or scale the lists back a bit.

Looking forward to seeing Micro.blog 2.0 released. The bookmarks feature looks great and will let me consolidate apps and services once more. Sadly, this means I’m going to call it quits on my own bookmarking app, Markcase.

A welcome change to the usual Sunday. My Dad took Drew out for a few holes at his golf club today. Great to see him playing on a different course and the best part, he had a great time!

View from the desk.

I finally added the last replacement wedge to my bag yesterday. The RTX4s have a good feel and they’re good around the greens.

I’ve got two rounds of golf over the weekend to play so I’m sure they’ll come in handy. Next year I’ll look at replacing my irons.

Just me and my boy out on the course tonight. He’s playing well and finished with a superb 4 playing from the blue tee which is about 150 yards out.

It’s not all bad. Germany is banning single-use plastic and styrofoam. It’s definitely time to throw away the “throw-away culture”.