Always the Same or Free

An interesting point about technology companies and how even just a small price change can have a negative impact on customer numbers.

Hastings blames the media, sort of. He says reports about the price hike Netflix is instituting this year, which raises the price of its most popular plan by a dollar a month, confused people and got them to stop paying even before their actual price hike kicked in.

Netflix blew its Q2 subscriber numbers, and blamed it on press about its price hike by Recode

As a regular viewer on Netflix, I'm happy with the current service and even the price hike. The more money that Netflix can get behind it, the more quality programming they can create.

I have one gripe though. Having sorted out my in-laws Netflix account while on holiday in Canada, I did notice that in Canada you get a much better selection of content than we do in the UK.

I don't know if the same selection of content applies to both Canada and the US but I would love to see a better selection of movies and programmes here in the UK as part of the upcoming price hike.