The boys have been enjoying the good weather and the chance to play lots of golf. I had a great day with Drew while he played in the flag competition at Cathkin Braes Golf Club.

Making progress with The Crown and Lost In Space on Netflix. Still trying not to binge on these and enjoy an episode every week or two.

I’ve been running a product test for a few weeks now for an event management solution for golf clubs called MyGolfOpen. I’m running the test for a handful of clubs to help them run their events and the feedback has been good. Might be onto something with this one.

Client work has been intense over the last couple of weeks and I needed a down-shift of work. I’ve been looking to bring PenMuse and DailyMuse together as sibling products. I’ve started this process by re-designing the PenMuse web site with a layout that I can use on the DailyMuse website as well. It was good to remove some cruft from the PenMuse website and return it to a simple layout that could be adapted to DailyMuse as well.