I can’t argue with the picks that Curtis has made. He knows his recommended task managers very well and has devled deep into all of them. Just check out his blog if you need to find out more.

The next step up the ladder is Things by Cultured Code. Not only does it have great keyboard support for iPad users. Not only is it cross-device and syncs fast across devices? Not only is the pricing reasonable. Not only does it integrate well with macOS and iOS. Not only is sync fast between all your devices.

It’s just beautiful too.

The Task Managers I Recommend by Curtis McHale

I’m still using bullet journaling, and I am a fan of Things, but I see it more of a single-user task manager. I have out-grown it though, as I needed something that was cross-platform.

Reminders is a great entry-level app, and although basic, does everything that a task manager should.

I’m also using Basecamp at the moment to share stuff with my family. Its free personal plan is ideal for families and small teams.

What’s your recommended task manager?