Threads on Twitter have been around for a while now. It allows you to chain tweets together, which is handy if one tweet isn’t enough. Lately, I’ve noticed that people are using threads to push an additional call to action at the end. It could be to subscribe to their podcast, newsletter or blog—that sort of thing.

I’m not sure what to make of this. In some cases, it makes sense. Let’s say, for example, the thread is ten tweets long and covers an issue. At the end of it, you might see a tweet where you can follow up on the subject. This tweet might contain the author of the thread’s website or another article that backs up the contents of the thread.

In other cases, though I see threads that comprise of two tweets. The initial tweet with a second tweet with the call to action. It looks and feels sneaky.

And yet, this is the way that Twitter has evolved over the years. Users find ways of adapting it. It’s how we got retweets, mentions and hashtags on Twitter. They were all conventions that people used, and then Twitter formalised them as features of the platform.

The call to action at the end of a single tweet thread doesn’t feel helpful at all because you can’t see the call to action unless you expand the thread and there’s no indication of how many tweets are in a thread either. If a thread is only two or even three tweets long, why not just display the thread fully expanded? If they can’t do that, why not indicate the length of the thread?

There’s enough information coming through my Twitter timeline without the added volume of call to actions tweets in threads. I hope there’s something in the future that Twitter can do to fix this.