Mozilla still fighting for the open web

I must admit, the news that Mozilla was laying off employees didn’t improve my view on Mozilla’s long term viability as an organisation. The open web looks to be a losing battle as Google continues to establish itself as the primary search engine on the internet and the web browser of choice of choice for millions of people. These layoffs could be viewed as the end of Mozilla. After reading their press release following the layoffs, I’m not so sure.

So going forward we will be smaller. We’ll also be organizing ourselves very differently, acting more quickly and nimbly. We’ll experiment more. We’ll adjust more quickly. We’ll join with allies outside of our organization more often and more effectively. We’ll meet people where they are. We’ll become great at expressing and building our core values into products and programs that speak to today’s issues. We’ll join and build with all those who seek openness, decency, empowerment and common good in online life.

Changing World, Changing Mozilla

This sounds promising. I really hope that Mozilla can bounce back from this.

Matthew Lang @matthewlang