When it comes to taking photos, I always resort to my iPhone. It’s a great camera and provides an adequate level of quality in most of the photos that I take. Lately though, I find myself looking towards an actual camera itself.

There’s lots of reasons for this, but the main reason is that I want to understand more about taking photographs as opposed to just pointing and clicking with my iPhone. I also know that I will, with time, take better pictures than my iPhone does. I’m hoping to use the camera for a wide-range of photos, but mostly I’m looking to using it for wide landscape shots, action shots and portraits.

I’m looking at a DSLR camera, specifically the Canon EOS 4000D DSLR. It comes in at an affordable price and many of the reviews I’ve read, rate it as a good entry camera. The next model up from this is slightly more expensive, the 2000D. At about £40 more, I’m not fully convinced though if it’s worth the jump up.

Whatever I decide, I think both are good enough starter cameras to begin with.