This week I finally finished The Last of Us Part 2.

I’ve been waiting patiently for this game to come out for a few months. Being a fan of the first one, I eagerly awaited its release. I preordered the game through the PlayStation store and started playing it a couple of days after the release date. This post is just a few thoughts I had on the game. I’ve tried to avoid any spoilers, which is why this review is short.

The game starts five years after the first game with Joel and Ellie settled in the town of Jackson. From here, the story begins to unravel with a good pace, and you’ll soon find yourself in the thick of the action once again. You’ll find yourself taking out the infected, as well as searching for crafting items and munitions to top up your supplies.

There are some differences to the first game that I liked. For a start, there are more characters in this game which is a nice change from the smaller cast of the first game. With more characters, you get more story, and I do like games that have a good story to them. There are also more places to explore in the game. You can wander off the path of the game a bit more, and with the added option of jumping and climbing, you can use elevation to your advantage in combat. Stealth is still the best option in combat, but you can also use speed to your advantage, as your character can switch between actions more smoothly.

The setting and story are two areas of the game that I particularly enjoyed. Seattle, where most of the game takes place, has been recreated with incredible detail. While the setting was fantastic, it’s the story between the characters that I enjoyed the most. There are cinematic scenes in between the action that fills in parts of the story. I thought there were more of these scenes than in the first game, but to be honest, they did add to the game and its story.

The game also has its dark and violent moments. That’s not to say these moments shouldn’t be in the game. They should. It’s these moments that add heightened tension to the game. By the end of it, you’ll wonder how you’ll ever manage to play the whole thing again.

Despite these dark moments, I thoroughly enjoyed playing the game. It’s a different game from the first one but also a different game from many other games. I think it stands up there as a great game, and those involved at in producing the game at Naughty Dog, have done a fantastic job in creating a successful sequel to The Last of Us.