Fun gaming with Minecraft Dungeons

Tonight I bought Minecraft Dungeons. To be honest, it might have been more of a nostalgia hit. Ever since I had my first computer, I’ve always had at least one form of dungeon crawler game installed. I also played a bit of Dungeons & Dragons as well, so the idea of a new dungeon crawler game was always going to appeal to me.

I’ve not really had a chance to delve into the game yet, but the review from The Verge paints a great picture of enjoyable the game will be.

What really makes it work, though, are the Minecraft trappings. Dungeons is a new way to explore an incredibly familiar setting. Yes, the gameplay is vastly different from the original, but there’s something satisfying about charging into a crowd of creepers while swinging a blocky sword and firing magic spells. It helps that the world is lovingly rendered and incredibly charming, from the beautiful landscapes — I especially love the desert areas — to the wonderful soundtrack. Even when you’re surrounded by pools of lava or giant gelatinous cubes, there’s something about the Minecraft aesthetic that makes it all very light and playful. Even the puzzles can be funny, like the dungeon keys that will run away when you’re attacked.

Minecraft Dungeons is a lighter, more family-friendly take on Diablo

Matthew Lang @matthewlang