I’ve had this opinion for a long time despite not having a Facebook account, but even if you do currently have one, deactivating Facebook is in fact good for you.

“Deactivating Facebook freed up 60 minutes per day for the average person in our Treatment group.” Much of this time was reinvested in offline activities, including, notably, socializing with friends and family.

Top Economists Study What Happens When You Stop Using Facebook

The study also reported that the Treatment group in this study felt less up to date with the news. Using a single platform for your source of news is never a good idea. It’s like buying the same newspaper all the time. The benefit of the web is that we can get news from multiple sources. I do have a number of websites I get my news from, but I also have a number of news websites that I check less often, just to give me a broader reach of what’s happening in the world.