Last night I pulled the trigger on the new Fantastical annual subscription. What was it I said a few days ago? Goodbye Fantastical? Not quite. I was skeptical about the pricing change.

I must admit, I’m a bit skeptical of the subcription move by Flexibits for their 3.0 release of Fantastical. Another app subscription is something I’m trying to avoid. I’d rather just pay for each new release of their app.

The thing about major app changes like Fantastical’s is that there’s no escaping the fact that you are going to piss people off with the change.

Being honest about the whole thing though, I wasn’t pissed off. I wasn’t angry. I wasn’t even annoyed. I was just trying to keep my app subscriptions down to a level I can manage. $35 doesn’t seem an awful lot, but taking into account other app subscriptions, it all adds up.

Despite trying out a number of alternatives (including paying for a few apps from the App Store), I decided to go with the annual subscription for Fantastical.

What finally made me take the subscription is that I’ve been using the app for a couple of years now and it does tick all the boxes with regards to what I need it to do. Sure I could have just stayed on the free plan as an existing user, but the syncing of the calendar sets and the integration with Todoist was just enough to convince me to buy.