I’m building a CMS web application that allows an organisation to share content through their website or through a series of private boards that their members can access. In doing this, I’ve been looking for a way to make this selection process a single action for the user.

A single action to determine where the content gets published becomes muddled by the fact that in doing this, the user has to determine the two locations for the content. This single action will result in the user having to pick from one list with a large number of options available to them. For each board they have, they’ll have the option of posting it to that board or posting to the board and the website. I decided that this was too complicated for the user to digest.

What I’ve decided to do instead is have a dropdown where the user can select the board that they want to post the content to and then have a checkbox that they can click if they’re going to share the same content through their website. Sure, it’s more than a single action, but the intention of where to publish is more prominent.

It’s a repeating pattern in building this application that I keep looking for ways to overcome three of four steps at a time instead of just focusing on that one step. I need to remind myself to keep it simple so that I can iterate over the application more frequently and only solve the more complicated issues when they arise.