January is one of those months that just never seems to end. Still two weeks to go until the end of the month. Christmas is a distant memory and already there are chocolate Eater treats in the shops for sale. There should be some kind of law that prohibits this nonsense!

Anyway, life continues. Full week of client work, full week of kids back at school (yes!) and all the usual things that happen in the house return to normal.

Busy week for Ethan with his golf. Tuesday night session at the golf centre, lesson with the club professional on Thursday and his first half-round on the course for 2018. Windy conditions today with temporary greens and a very wet course, but he played well on the front nine. Aiming to repeat this next week and keep up lessons and practice to be ready for the start of the season.

I watched the highlights from Saturday nights divisional playoff games this morning and then settled down for the Jags/Steelers game tonight. It was a great game, and probably the games of the season.

No product updates this week, although I did manage to break down a few larger tasks into smaller ones and completed a move of several projects from Trello to GitHub. I've got one master project that tracks everything else using GitHub's ability to track projects in cards. There's a few features that I miss from Trello but this one feature alone makes managing multiple projects and repos a lot easier.

I'm still sticking with Trello for client projects though. Trello is simpler for business owners and non-developers to use than GitHub's projects and issue tracker is.

I'm opting to stay away from any depressing news items or links. There's only so much negative news you can take. Have a good remainder of your weekend.