I missed last week's weekly digest due to an ongoing battle the sniffles that I have only recently came out on top of.

Last weekend's highlight was a Sunday afternoon at the golf club with Drew taking part in a putting competition in the clubhouse. The kids were supposed to play on the course that day but with some snow on the course the kids had to make do with the putting competition. Drew had a great time up there and as always, Ethan was there guiding him with each putt.

Me and Jennifer hit the shops on Friday to finish up the Christmas shopping and then on Saturday we got round to putting up the Christmas tree. We're not the earliest to have our tree up, we already seen a few up before December even started.

The biggest downer of last week (and the month) was the release of Star Wars Battlefront II. I loved the first game and I really wanted the new game to have all the elements of the first game but on a wider selection of bigger maps.

I can't begin to describe how much of a disappoint the game has been and that is without the controversial loot boxes. What it boils down to though is the amount of hours you need to put in to progress in the game. I am not going to give up completly on the game though. I expect there to be some major changes coming soon and hopefully this will address some of the issues.