The cold has been doing the rounds in the Lang household this week. The boys and I have gotten with light sniffles this week, but Jennifer been the worse affected. Hopefully, it will pass in the next couple of days though.

I took the boys to the Glasgow Golf Centre on Tuesday. I always take Ethanto here but Drew has been chomping at the bit to go, so he came along as well. Ethan did all his usual practices and drills, with Drew watching closely behind. It was a great experience for Drew, and I’ll be taking him back over the winter, but only once every few weeks.

We had the boys parent’s night this week as well. Both their teachers had nothing but praise for them, but Ethan could be doing with spending a bit more time reading. He’s never really been a reader, but we’re still trying to find the right book or genre that gets him reading just a bit more than he does now.

On Saturday we hit the cinema to see the latest Thor movie, Thor: Ragnarok. We’ve seen all the Marvel movies for the MCU with the exception of Dr Strange. Up to this point, the family favourite has been Ant-Man, but I think Thor: Ragnarok might just have stole that title. It was hilarious, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.