Another week closer to Christmas. I’ve already had my first mince pie and it’s still November!

A session at the golf centre and a practice session with Andy at the golf club seen Ethan getting a bit more speed on the ball. We’re getting as many lessons as we can in outdoors while we still have the light, but there are only a few more weeks left before even this will be impossible due to shorter days.

Over the weekend we went to Jennifer’s cousins 40th birthday party. It was great to see everyone together including a visit from Jennifer’s cousins and uncle from Wales. We’re planning a trip down for next year to see them. I am split though between taking the golf clubs or the mountain bike.

Last week Jennifer and I decided to start watching Stranger Things. With all the hype around it, I still wasn’t even sure about the story or the characters. My sister-in-law described it brilliantly as the Goonies meets X-files. I might also go as far to add another movie in there, but that would give it away. Stranger Things season 1 was great television, but the best thing about it was the setting. The 80’s. There were so many things Jennifer and I could relate too. I highly recommend it.

On the flip side, The Walking Dead has been rather dismal for this season. It has peaked and dipped through each season, but I can’t remember it being as slow as it is now. Sure there have been some real low points when characters are killed off, but that’s just part of the story, and in a world of zombies it’s just one of two ways to go. There was only one scene for me in last week’s episode that had any emotion about it. I’m sticking with it though. I’ve watched every season so far, and I hope that it can get better before it gets any worse.

Also still enjoying Star Trek Discovery but with a busy couple of weeks we’ve fallen behind in episodes. Will be catching up this week though.

  • We will remember them - Remembrance Sunday was yesterday. A chance to reflect on those who made the ultimate sacrifice.
  • Why not just ban guns and when people are upset about it, just send them thoughts and prayers? - Another week, another shooting. For me, this tweet sums up the situation. When it’s going to hit home that guns are dangerous?
  • Do we need to teach children joined-up handwriting? - While schools will always teach writing, it seems that joined-up handwriting is on the decline in schools. I’m not sure where I stand on this one. I can understand the arguments against joined-up handwriting in the digital age, why do we need to teach this? I am leaning towards the teaching of joined-up writing to remain in schools.
  • Paradise Papers: Dear Tim Cook - I love using Apple’s products, but I do wonder why the tax loops are jumped through for everywhere outside of the US and yet we have to pay more for Apple products in the UK.
  • The Value of Attention - A reminder that while many are still pursuing the lucrative followers count on their respective social media platforms, many people are killing it simply by using their balance sheet as a follower count.
  • RSS: there’s nothing better - The case for RSS in the age of social media.
  • The Case for RSS - Another case for RSS.
  • #RememberWebsites - Do you remember websites?
  • Basics: The Walk 7 - The basics of the walk. I’ve been taking a weekly walk on a Monday at lunchtime. As good a time as any to get out of the office and take in some fresh air.
  • Anker Classic Bluetooth Speaker - Added to the wishlist but it’s not an essential purchase. We already have Bluetooth speakers in the office/den, and there’s another in the kitchen. I can’t justify buying another, but Anker products are great. Perhaps in the future.