Another hectic week with Ethan having two lessons this week and Drew having a lesson, Halloween on the Tuesday, school discos on the Wednesday and a fireworks show on the Saturday.

Ethan had a great lesson with Andy on Thursday afternoon and the conditions were great for it as well. Just a few minor tweaks and Ethan was hitting the ball straighter and longer. Drew continued with his lessons on Sunday and he received a glowing report as well. Drew’s first competition is in a couple of weeks. He’ll love the opportunity to go out and play on the course.

The boys enjoyed Halloween this year but the number of houses in our street that take part has definitely fallen. There was a time when practically the whole street was doing it.

While Halloween might have been a let down bonfire night didn’t disappoint. With the exception of one year, we’ve always went into town to watch the fireworks display for bonfire night. The town is usually bustling with people and there is music and stalls to entertain everyone before the main event. We noticed it was really busy last year, so this year we decided to do it a little different and watched the fireworks from a vantage point over-looking the town.

Aside from the sodden mucky grass we were standing in, we had a great view of the fireworks going off and the boys had a great time as well. Next year we’re going to do the same thing but find a drier spot and bring a better camera to try and capture a few shots of the fireworks.

To round off the week I spent a bit of time getting the theme for this blog working for I think it’s ready to go but there’s still the process of having the theme being added to the list of existing themes for users. Fingers crossed that Manton can add this in sooner rather than later!