Big story of the week has been the weather. On Tuesday night and Wednesday morning we had considerable snowfall that made driving almost impossible. More snow on Wednesday and Thursday just added to the already bad conditions. Being a veteran of a few Canadian winters, the snowfall wasn’t the concern. I had another problem. Entertaining the kids for a couple of days! I’ll admit they sat on their Playstation for a while on each day but I did try to get them doing other things through the day.

The fun part was watching people panic buying and the shops gradually emptying of stock. The UK is definitely not a country that does well during these conditions. Also, the sense of community spirit is sadly lacking in our street. It’s the same people that clear the roads every time there is considerable snowfall. Some people never change.

Finished watching Godless this week. Loved it. It told a story from beginning to end with good pace and a great finish. I’d be happy if they never done a second series. The Walking Dead started back on Monday night. Loved the first episode, but I’m hoping it gathers a bit more pace than it has done in the past.

After the last two weeks of pretty serious links, I promise to keep this one light.