Time for ships to be accountable for their shipping containers?

Maybe it’s time to do something about the ways in which shipping containers are transported across our oceans?

Trainers, flip-flops and a selection of other footwear were appearing with a regularity that singled them out from the other tidal deposits.

They were the same brands, in the same styles, and, for some of the trainers at least, the same production dates were printed on a label sewn into the tongue of each shoe. Moreover, every item of footwear appeared to have been unworn.

In the months that followed, Mr Ribeiro retrieved about 60 Nike trainers, along with a host of other brands.

Why are Nike trainers washing up on beaches?

A single shipping container can contain hundreds of man-made products that if not secured to this ship, can end up being leaked into the world’s oceans. These end up being washed up on our shores, but also will break down in the ocean adding to the already big problem of plastics in our oceans.

Taking out a full page ad in your opponent’s city newspaper to congratulate them. What a class move by the Golden State Warriors! 👍🏀

Nicholas Bate reminds us that there is always time for a new plan.

Just had that moment when you’ve been trying to work out something for ages and then you find a simple and straightforward answer.

I love and hate these moments.

Love them because I have the answer, hate them because I feel I should have known the answer to begin with.

The beginning of Nike: A simple sales strategy

My sales strategy was simple and I thought rather brilliant. I drove all over the Pacific Northwest, to various track meets. Between races, I’d chat up the coaches, the runners, the fans and show them my wears. The response was always the same. I couldn’t write orders fast enough.

How Nike sold its first 50,000 shoes

I love reading about how successful companies started. It’s a shame that we’re moving away from this level of dedication and motivation with many startups looking to VC funding instead.

Well done to Brooks Henderson winning the Meijer LPGA Classic! Just 21 years old and now Canada’s most successful professional golfer.

A great way to finish a memorable sports week for Canada. ⛳️ 🇨🇦

Boys had a great time tonight at the club’s junior fun night. They even walked away with a prize each!

The pebbles of product work

I like this.

Each piece of work is a mere pebble tossed into a flowing river. Maybe your pebble will become bedrock—sticking around for a long time and altering the water’s trajectory. Or, maybe it’ll quickly dissolve into dust when new pebbles come along and crash into it. Both of those outcomes are completely natural and worthy of celebration.

Nobody really owns product work

Having worked on several different products, I can attest to the highs and lows of seeing your ideas implemented but ultimately replaced over time. The hard truth is that as soon as you commit your work to the product and it’s released, it becomes the target of scrutinisation by both the product team and the people that use the product.

Ultimately your work will be replaced over time, but it’s all towards the greater good of learning what’s best for the product and for those that use it.

Nicholas Bate reminds us to do it better, even when it’s just those everyday tasks.

Thought experiment Thursday with Niklas Göke’s blog, Empty Your Cup.

Tried Todoist yesterday for about five minutes and then deleted my account. The reason? I don’t want a task manager app that is available everywhere.

I’m happy to keep using Things even though it doesn’t have a web client. Sometimes restricted availability can be a good thing.

Paid version of Firefox

I’ve seen a lot arguments for and against Mozilla’s paid version of Firefox. I wouldn’t be adverse to paying for a service that values my privacy and in turn helps an organisation try to keep the web open, fair and secure.

I do have some reservations about a paid version of Firefox. Privacy shouldn’t be something you need to pay for, but I am hoping that this paid version is very affordable so that it’s accessible for as many people as possible.

Raptors were so close last night! Need to wait until Friday morning now.

I must admit, I’m not a die-hard basketball fan, but I’m chuffed to bits that my second city’s team is so close their first NBA championship. 🏀

Two wins this week for the Paisley juniors. Good start to the season! Also good to see Ethan win his match tonight. 🏌️‍♂️

Fan-made version of Star Wars scene 38

Also, I wonder if we’ll get a new version of A New Hope with this included as an option?

“We were inspired by the Vader scene in Rogue One,” Christopher Clements from FixitinPost says in an email to Fast Company. “We felt like the fury and power from that hallway scene should be present in the Vader/Kenobi duel that happens very closely in the Star Wars timeline. It was essential to update the emotion of the scene given the history we are now aware of between these two. Telling the story of these two was our main goal when setting out to create Scene 38.”

This fan-made, nerd-approved edit of an iconic Star Wars scene took 2.5 years to make

Where have all the good programming and development blogs gone? Maybe I’m not looking hard enough, but I struggle to find good programming blogs to follow that post on a regular basis.

Part-time career?

Personally, I do think working fewer hours makes me more productive. But that’s not why I do it. The real reason is that I have other things I’d rather do. An hour that I don’t spend working (and I work hard, believe me, and like what I do), is an hour sitting on the couch with my kids, reading a science-fiction novel and pausing intermittently to chat about their video games or YouTube favourites. It’s an hour cooking a meal, going for a walk or doing volunteer work. It’s when I can act as one node in the lively neighbourhood web of parents, grandparents and afterschool programmes for kids, organising hangouts and snacks. It’s also when I pay bills, run errands, execute minor home repairs, and hire others to tackle major ones – so neither I nor my husband have to do that stuff on weekends.

Part-time work is humane and should be respected and encouraged

Just imagine what you could so with a few hours extra a week. Home cooked meals, helping the kids with homework before dinner, time to enjoy more of the daylight through the darker months, the chance to fit more in during the evening. Deifnitely something I would like to see happen, for all these reasons and more.

I think I’ve arrived as a Javascript developer. I wrote this Ruby code last night.

this.latitidue.present? && this.longitude.present?


Prefabricated future

Prefabricated and self-contained homes are becoming increasingly good alternatives to traditional homes. These homes are often cheaper and quicker to build and are usually more environmentally friendly than conventional homes.

There’s a new housing development down the road that is being built on the grounds of an old industrial site. Looking at the foundations being created, the timber frames being put up and all the disruptive roadworks that come with it and you wonder when these style of homes will fall out of favour with people. I think that time is coming as people are increasingly more aware of the environment.

I don’t know what the majority of people’s perceptions are of these prefabricated and self-contained homes, but I am curious to see one up close.

I can see the environmental benefits of downsizing your home to something smaller, but I’m not sure that I can give up the feel of a traditional home. Ideally, I’d like something in between. A prefabricated and self-contained home with just slightly more space.

Also, wouldn’t hurt if it was zombie-proof as well.

I watched the final episode of Chernobyl last night. It’s without a doubt, one of the most beautiful and powerful dramas to have hit the small screen. The final episode last night concluded the series nicely. A must watch.

Found the perfect accompanying domain to go with this one, mattisms.dev. Expect web development posts on Ruby on Rails and other programming languages to start appearing soon.

Respectful communication

This weekend the Roman Catholic church celebrates World Communications Day. This is a day that the church uses to identify how it’s message is distributed across the world and how the media impacts on the world.

During today’s sermon our parish priest touched on a number of points in the Archbishop’s letter to the diocese. However, it was one particular paragraph that really stuck out for me.

The positive use of the internet and social media depends on respectful communication. Respectful communication speaks the truth in charity. If every user of social media spoke the truth in charity, many people, including young people and children, would be happier, safer and better informed.

53rd World Communications Day Message

In a time when we’re frequently reminded that social media has so much going against it, we should also note that it’s not social media that is the problem, it’s just how we use it. Using it in a more positive and respectful way would certainly be a good way to start improve online communities.

I’ve been trying to solve a problem for a software product that’s been at the back of my mind for the last few weeks. This morning I sat down with a coffee, tried a few things out and eventually worked out the solution. Feels good when you overcome a hurdle like this.

Lee Westwood's thoughts on the image of golf

Lee Westwood has been talking about the image of golf. It’s not something I haven’t heard before, but it’s good to bring these issues to the forefront every now and again.

“I think golf takes too long, the speed of play when people watch the professionals play is very slow and I don’t think that helps the perception of golf.

I don’t think golf takes too long to play, but people do need to know that there’s a difference between a professional playing and everyone else. A typical round of golf should take about three and a half hours. Sure, you may get held up when the course is busy, but it is better to have an active golf club rather than one where hardly anyone plays.

Also, in a world where everything is a rush, and we have this problem of instant gratification, it’s good to have a sport that is all about playing at a steady pace. I love playing out on the course, especially when I’m playing with my sons. It’s one of the few moments where you can get their complete and undivided attention, of course, the same goes with me.

The instant gratification of the modern world shouldn’t change the game of golf. Sure, we should make the sport more accessible for kids and also make it easier for them to get started. Shorter tees and six or nine hole rounds are a good start, but given time, they too will be able to conquer typical junior tees and play a full round of 18 holes.

“I think it’s very expensive still to play golf, more could be done to make it a bit cheaper to play.

Expensive, yes, but not the most expensive sport to play. You can be up and running playing golf on a budget. As always with any new hobby, don’t invest too much in equipment at the beginning. Start with the basics and build it up over time.

I mountain biked for 15 years before I decided to give it up. While I did struggle with back pain when cycling, the main issue I had was the expense of the sport. I couldn’t justify the cost when it came to upgrading components regularly.

I started golfing with a cheap set of clubs and a cheap bag. Over time the last few years, I’ve gradually replaced some of my clubs and the bag, but everything I have bought has been perfectly affordable and within my budget, as I learn to play the game.

“I think more girls and women could be encouraged to play, I don’t think they’re encouraged as much as they could be.

I agree on this one, so much so I am still badgering my wife to have a go at playing. It’s encouraging to see that girls are coming through the ranks in some of our local clubs and there is an active county team, but there could be more down to encourage more girls and women to play.

As for Lee’s comments on golf being too hard. I’m not so sure that making the sport easier to play is the answer. I’ve been chipping away (pardon the pun) at the game for a few years now. I’m far from winning any club competitions, but I’ve got to a level where I can score pretty reasonably on the course.

In my internet travels today, I have came across two avatars that used Commander Keen images. Clearly the universe is trying to tell me something.