NB reminds us to embrace the simplest of movements, walking

I’m starting to wonder if running a side-product is worth the hassle given the amount of regulation on privacy and payment processing there is now.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Trailer

I can’t wait for this.

I remember watching this as a kid. Everything about it was amazing. And judging by the trailer, it looks like it will retain the sense of magicalness when it lands on Netflix on the 30th of August.

Playing with the Dark Sky API and the Bootstrap card component

As part of a side-project I’m working on, I’ve been trying to build an informative weather widget that gives current and forecasted stats for the next few hours.

I’m using the card component from Bootstrap to structure the widget. The card component is excellent for this, as it allows me to structure the widget but will enable it to have different styles for different websites. I’m surprised by just how much I’ve been using the card component, as it’s quite versatile.

Dark Sky provides all the weather stats that I need. I have a background worker that fetches the stats from the Dark Sky API and saves it to the database. I can then query the database for the stats as well as cache the widget for a short period.

The Dark Sky API is excellent as the forecast request gives you minute by minute forecasted weather for the hour, as well as hourly and daily forecasts for the next seven days.

The Dark Sky API also includes descriptions for icons that you can use. These standard descriptions can then be used to map to whatever icon you want. I’m using Font Awesome for my weather widget’s icons. I have a helper method in my application that maps the icon description from the Dark Sky API to the correct Font Awesome icon.

So far I’m pretty happy with the results.

Drew’s first hit on the course

Drew’s played his first six holes on the course today from the shortened blue tees we have for our younger players. Despite the pouring rain, he played well and picked up some tips from Ethan.

It’s great to see the boys having a shared interest. Even with the age gap, it’s something they can always do together.

Nicholas Bate reminds us to do the right things.

Spent the day exploring the beaches and grounds around Culzean Castle today. Such a great place to spend the day and we got lucky with the weather as well!

Had a great time yesterday at St Andrews. Got the boys picture on the Swilken bridge, walked along the beach, had one of the best fish and chips ever, and finally wandered round the ruins of St Andrews Cathedral. Next time we visit, we’re bringing the golf clubs.

A few pieces of the Webpack puzzle are starting to fall into place now. Got a few notes so that I don’t trip up on the same steps in the future.

Coffee on my desk, pen and paper ready, text editor open.

This morning’s goal is to get my head round Webpacker in Rails 6.0 and Font Awesome installed through Yarn/Webpacker.

Great night tonight. Some ten pin bowling with Jen and the boys and then a wee walk along the Clyde.

iTerm’s new status bar with configurable Python components should mean no more faffing about with Powerline in Vim.

Powerline is useful, but it can be a pain to configure and it takes up too much screen space as well.

Looking forward to my new development role with the NHS National Services Scotland in a few weeks. Time to brush up on the .NET knowledge again.

It’s never too late to start writing.

Rebooting my reading list with a trusted author

Despite only being a few chapters from the end of Cixin Liu’s The Wandering Earth, I decided to give up on finishing the book. The first few chapters were quite good, but my interest gradually waned through the middle chapters.

With my track record of books read this year being very poor, I’ve decided to read a book from an author who’s books I have always thoroughly enjoyed. Raymond E. Feist’s King of Ashes is the first in a series and hopefully, I’ll get to the end of this book and the rest of the series.

A corrupt bailout?

I often wonder why we as a planet, can’t seem to get our shit together, and then I’m reminded by people pulling stunts like this.

To summarize: the bill would subsidize four uncompetitive power plants, remove all incentive to build more renewable energy projects, and cancel efforts to help customers use less energy. It is a bill only a utility (and the lawmakers who do its bidding) could love, an extravagant gift to utility investors that hoses Ohio ratepayers.

Ohio just passed the worst energy bill of the 21st century - Vox

A prize fund of $30m, a world-class centre stage, and only the best can take part after months of training and qualifying.

Hard to believe that the sport in question is a video game. E-sports is definitely not just a fad anymore.

Not content with being an already great free service, Unsplash now has collections for education.

I’ve added “Galaxy Fold” to the growing list of muted tech topics that I couldn’t give a monkeys about in Feedbin. It’s an interesting idea, but foldable screens still seem to me, to be too fragile a medium. Especially on an every day device like a smartphone.

Bullet journaling again

I’m bullet journaling again.

To be honest, I didn’t really stop. I’ve been keeping a light bullet journal in a pocket notebook for the last few months. It’s hard to break a habit.

During this time I also tried using a digital task manager, but it turned out to be a failed experiment. I just can’t keep a to do list in an app anymore. It feels too constrained and it usually feels like there’s a workflow to each type of app. A way it wants you to do things.

I just don’t get that with bullet journaling. The basic ideas of it are there but I put my own little spin on it. Feels unique to me and that’s maybe why I enjoy it so much.

As is the case with each bulletin journal, I like to make it my own with a few stickers of stuff I like. A Micro.blog sticker obviously, a Ruby sticker and a couple of nods to The Last of Us and Stranger Things.

I’m still missing a golf related sticker though.

There are lots of good reasons to having your own website.

I was hoping for a week free of fire-fighting, but I’ve been at my desk two minutes and guess what? There’s fires that need putting out. Sigh.

Laptops. Allowing people to take their work home with them since the 90’s.

I’m loving the new icons and UI touches to Feedbin.