It’s that time of year again.

Clearing the home screen

Spurred by this post on digital minimalism, I’ve decided to do a little clearing of the decks on my iPhone.

Gone are a couple of Twitter clients, a few news apps and an 2FA app.

I’ve replaced the Twitter clients with the web interface on Safari and I’m glad to see that I can now log into multiple accounts on Twitter. I’m still not a big fan of Twitter but it’s handy to have access to it on Safari.

The news apps were never really used and I can read the news on Safari as well.

I’ve been meaning to move to 1Password’s own two-factor authentication for accounts for sometime but I’ve been simply putting it off.

The home screen is starting to look a little more sane again.

A screenhost of my iPhone's homescreen

I forgot how good the Travelling Wilburys albums are. Volume 1, crank it up.

I wish there was an option in iOS to see folders of apps in a two by two grid as an initial default over the three by three grid. It would be easier to see apps on the screen, and would let people make more focused app folders.

Watching the Paisley GC juniors playing in the Scottish Junior Team Championship at Kilmarnock Barassie today.

Great course conditions for them today but playing off the longer white tees has been a challenge.

Yip, e-sport stadiums are now a thing

Philadelphia Fusion, the city’s Overwatch League team, are having an e-sports complex built that will become the team’s home ground. Effectively, their home stadium.

But an arguably even more important milestone happened earlier in the week — and it took place across the street. On Wednesday, the Philadelphia Fusion — the city’s OWL team — held a groundbreaking ceremony for Fusion Arena, a $50 million e-sports complex that will eventually become the team’s home ground.

After the Overwatch League grand finals, the league prepares to finally go global

Who would have thought e-sports would reach the heights where team’s are having statiums built?

Not a fan of the new programming font from Microsoft. It’s really wide. Wider than anything I’ve ever used. I’ll stick with Iosevka.

The vacuum of leadership

It’s not very often that I link to Twitter, but this tweet about teen leaders and how they’re making themselves heard is spot on.

Apparently I need to state the obvious: teen leaders have emerged because of a total vacuum of courage or actual leadership amongst “adults” in power. It’s not because they’re good at social media 🙄

Amy Westervelt on Twitter

Finally! A release date for the The Last of Us Part 2. I guess that’s my birthday sorted then!

Looking for something to read?

Here’s the 100 best books of the 21st century according to The Guardian website.

I love those few weeks leaving the summer when we start hitting the range and you still have clear nights like this.

The greatest unsigned quarterback in the NFL?

Another NFL season, another time to wonder why teams aren’t signing up Colin Kaepernick to replace their injured star quarterbacks. Well, we know why teams aren’t signing up Kaepernick. His protest’s against racism and police violence are well known.

With each star quarterback that falls by the wayside, one question looms ever larger: Will Colin Kaepernick, after over two years in exile, finally be signed by an NFL team? Kaepernick, still only 31 years old, is, according to people I’ve spoken with who know him well, “in the best shape of his life,” waking up at 5 am for daily workouts. His agent has reportedly reached out to several of these teams in need of quarterbacks to see about getting a tryout. By signing Kaepernick, the NFL could close the book on a true instance of “cancel culture,” of denying Kaepernick his livelihood, because he dared stand up to racist police violence.

NFL Teams Are Desperate for Quarterbacks—but Colin Kaepernick Remains Unsigned

What can be done then?

Very little in fact. The NFL has the chance to make a difference here, but the league remains very aligned to ensuring that they make a profit and not a difference. It looks like Kaepernick will remain the greatest quarterback to be unsigned and ignored by the NFL.

Apple iterations

A nice reminder from John Gruber about new Apple products and the fine art of shipping that product.

I wasn’t a fine of the first Apple Watch. The idea of a smartwatch that doesn’t just show you the time felt wrong. Over the years though, Apple has been chipping away at it. A few iterations later and I’m starting to like the idea of owning an Apple Watch.

And then they did what Apple does: iterate, iterate, iterate. They started knocking down Apple Watch’s glaring flaws one by one. Battery life improved significantly. They identified what Apple Watch is meant for: health and fitness tracking, and notifications. They added optional cellular networking, so your watch could remain utterly useful while out of the range of your iPhone.

Apple Watch Series 5

The always-on display didn’t seem like a big feature at the time, but having persisted with a Fitbit for a few years, I can appreciate that gesture to see the screen. It just wasn’t always possible.

I’m hinting to Jennifer for an Apple Watch Series 5 for my Christmas now. We’ll just need to wait and see if she takes the hint.

I had no idea that Basecamp offered a free plan for smaller teams and individuals. Is this a recent change in their product or have they always had this?

Spent the afternoon watching the Paisley golf club juniors play in a local competition at Elderslie golf club. Some good scores coming in. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

That’s the garden sorted for the winter. Time to reward myself with a couple of hours watching the Solheim Cup. Go Europe! 🇪🇺 ⛳️

Keeping it simple

In my development work I usually find that the simple way works best and is also easier to maintain. However, the web development industry is still insistent on progress and not always for the better.

This comparison between AirPods and the headphone jack by Bastian Allgeier is a great way to describe the issue.

Modern web dev tools and services are like AirPods. It’s fantastic to get rid of the cable. The experience is far better 95% of the times. But they also have connection issues from time to time, they are massively over-engineered, expensive and you can easily loose them.

Bluetooth headphones are likely the future. But I still have more love for a set of standard headphone with a regular cable and headphone jack that has been working reliably for decades.

Simplicity (II) by Bastian Allgeier

It’s why I use Rails as my go to framework for new projects. Sure it’s not as simple as editing files on a server but it’s as simple as a tool you can get for building web apps.

Nothing new today that would make me want to buy an Apple Watch. An always-on display isn’t a deal breaker, but I am consdering it.

Still, the new iPad might be a good future purchase for the boys.

Curious about potential Apple Watch releases today.

My Fitbit died a few weeks ago and I’m now wondering if an Apple Watch might be more my thing.

I’ve pushed back on getting an Apple Watch for sometime, but I’ve been slowing coming round to the idea of a smartwatch.

I’ve been using it almost daily for years, but it still amazes me how flexible and verstile Trello is for managing … stuff. I say “stuff”, because it’s so versatile. You can use it to manage and store lots of things.

Paisley open doors day

Every year, our home town has an open doors day where many building and places that are usually closed off, are open to the public.

We usually miss this as the boys have something on this day, but this year we had a free day so decided to head into two for a wander.

We enjoyed a wander round the Thomas Coats Memoria Baptist Church where Jennifer spent much of her student life included taking many exams in the halls of the church and graduating from university here.

We wandered through the town to a few more places but we wanted to see Paisley Abbey and the views from the roof as this section is usually closed. The views didn’t disappoint and with the weather being great we managed to get a few great photos as the sun shown through some of the windows.

It’s nice to have a town with centuries of history and be able to walk through those places and experience some of that history.


I’ve started using Bear to write up features for a product.

Instead of going straight a user story and coding, I’m spending a bit more time writing about the feature, and it’s risks and benefits.

It’s working well so far.

Another great update to Bear, the notes app. Back in the day the best thing I used for managing notes was Backpack. This is probably the next best thing to Backpack for me.