I can understand the joy on Twitter when a certain account was removed by a member of staff who was leaving.

De-activating an account out of your own personal agenda isn’t playing by Twitter’s rules though, and it certainly wouldn’t be as funny if it was your own account that was deleted.

Once again though it throws into question Twitter’s “house rules” and what constitutes playing by these rules and breaking them.

There’s value to be had in silence you know.

Late at night. A quiet office. No phone calls. No interruptions. The work can be broken down into small tasks and each task approached with an attention that respects its value. The big picture can be pushed into the distance and scrutinized later. This is the time for craftsmanship.

The Quiet Times by Michael Wade

Another great lesson for Ethan with our club professional, Andy. Just a few minor setup changes and Ethan’s already seeing improvements.

The Trinet (Amazon, Facebook, Google) is a depressing prospect for the future of the web.

The War for Net Neutrality in the USA won a battle in 2014, but in 2017 we are seeing a second battle which is more likely to be lost. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are probably soon going to dictate what traffic can or cannot arrive at people’s end devices. GOOG-FB-AMZN traffic would be the most common, due to their popularity among internet users. Because of this market demand, ISPs will likely provide cheap plans with access to GOOG-FB-AMZN, while offering more expensive plans with full internet access.

The web begain dying in 2014, here’s how by André Staltz

There’s still one thing that the web has in it’s favour. People are still willing to make it the best open platform it can be.

Google might have shut down their RSS reader but there’s been a number of replacements sprung up that people are willing to pay for like Feedbin.

Facebook might have the social internet sewn up just now, but people are continually challenging that with alternatives like Mastodon and Micro.blog.

Amazon might have the shopping internet market share, but how long can they continue that success? Retail is a never-ending cycle of new companies and stores trying to sell products. Can Amazon remain on top?

I’m optimistic that the web can still be and open platform for all. It comes from educating people about the sacrifices they’re making in using the Trinet’s applications and services and what the trade-off is. I suspect most people are not too bothered though, but there are people who are willing to support and work towards an open web.

Curtis McHale offers some advice for those looking to get more from their mobile devices when it comes to deep work.

One of the final big ways to stop your phone from wasting your time is to not have it near you unless you need it. When I’m at home, I don’t need my phone because my family is downstairs. If there is something I need to deal with they’ll call up to me.

Setting up iOS for Focused Work bby Curtis McHale

40 day writing streak on 750words.com. The daily habit is getting easier to do now. Here’s to another 40 days of writing!

Nice. You can now click the labels on a Trello card and it will show the text for the labels on all cards.

Back to winter coaching with the RGU boys and David Orr. A few takeaways to work on.

Finally, bobble hat season is here! #ynot #ynotmade

Running Hyper this week instead of Terminal just to see what all the fuss is about.

I haven’t seen the Buffalo Bills play like this for years. Great game to watch.

Trying to put together the parts for a monthly newsletter aimed at both Rails developers and Rails product owners/team leaders. We’ll see how it goes.

Just discovered the attribute_was method in Rails.

Everyday is a school day. #til

Part of my web development toolbox for years. Saying Goodbye to Firebug

New home for my micro.blog - mattisms.blog.

One of many nuggets of advice for programmers who feel they are lagging behind.

The goal is become aware of the range of technologies available, and get a superficial understanding of theirs strengths (“React has a bigger community, but skimming the Vue tutorial was easier”, for example). This process can therefore be done over the course of a few hours, at most a day or two, during your work day in-between scheduled tasks.

Your technical skills are obsolete: now what? by Itamar Turner-Trauring

Last night I started down-sizing my Twitter account. Here’s a few things I did.

  • Deleted all lists from my account - I had a few lists for different things which are now all part of my timeline.
  • Switched to RSS feeds for organisations - Any accounts like Github are now in my Feedbin account. It has better control over the order and filtering of feeds than Twitter.
  • Purged who I was following - If unfollowed you don’t be offended. If I’m still following you don’t get too excited. I’m expecting to cull this list again.

I suspect that I’ll always have a Twitter account, but I’ll be interacting with only a couple of times a day. My main source of news and updates will be through other places like Instagram, Feedbin and of course Micro.blog

A reminder from Nicholas Bate that the Internet serves both the good and the bad.

False news on what a politician said. Dubious claims on the power of a particular asian fruit.

Jagged Thoughts for Jagged Times, 250 by Nicholas Bate

Gregory Brown is closing his Twitter account (@practicingdev).

In 24 hours I’ll be shutting down this Twitter account for good. I am OK, and will resume blogging at practicingdeveloper.com. A few months ago I tried to take a break from Twitter and (once again) failed. I don’t like that feeling, so need to take stronger action.

I’ve been following Gregory for a few years now. I like what he writes about and subscribe to his blog.

I have mixed reactions on his decision to leave Twitter. I’m sad for others that follow Gregory on Twitter but happy that he’s taken this step and will continue blogging.

I’ve often thought about deleting my Twitter account but I’m not quite ready to do it. I’m quite happy to let Micro.blog cross post what I need from here to Twitter for the time being. I think the time is coming though. The day when I say goodbye to Twitter.

Great first episode of the new season of The Walking Dead. Good pace and build up to the next episode.

Reviews of it online I think we’re a bit unfair. I seen a few reviews saying it was too slow. I think people forget their watching a single episode of a television series. There still more to come.