Say Hi to Daring

Back when my blog was running on Jekyll, I found solace in the amazing Hyde theme by Mark Otto. Simple, flexible and with a strong focus on the content of your blog.

Due to limitations with Jekyll I switched to Ghost a few months ago. So far everything is going great. The only problem is that many of the themes for Ghost focus on banner sized header and post images.

I ran with the Casper theme from Ghost for a few months. I like the typographical elements of the theme but I dislike the massive banner images for it. I needed a change.

Using Mark Otto's Poole base theme for Jekyll as a starting point, I started building a theme for my blog. The one constraint to the theme I wanted is that it shouldn't use any banner images for any part of the theme.

A few hours later and I have the beginning of a new theme for Ghost.

It's been a while since I flexed my creative cogs. Even though this was just a few hours work, it's still a great feeling being able to ship something. Even if it is just aa theme for my own blog.

The Daring theme for Ghost is available on Github.