Why I Stopped Using Atom

Some months ago I'd decided to use Atom as my go to text editor for day to day programming. I had been hearing good things about Atom for a while and the popularity of its packages means that I could easily switch to Atom with no major interruption in my workflow. There was one thing I wasn't counting on though.

Atom is slow. Not slow that it makes a huge impact on my day but slow enough that it leaves me hanging for a few seconds after certain operations. Even opening a project can have a lag of a few seconds.

Coming from Sublime Text this was a huge disappointment. Sublime Text has always been a fast text editor. Even the indexing of files within the project you are working on is fast. Opening files, creating panes, finding and replacing, all lightning quick. And much faster than Atom.

Speed isn't a major factor when you've done a single days coding but adding all those little seconds up over a period of a year and you'll have a significant amount of time.