It's the running joke of all IT support departments. When your computer, phone, printer, or any other technology device plays up, the first question they'll get asked is, "Did you turn it off and on again?".

Friends and family often phone me with their technology problems and the first they'll say they did is reboot whatever device is playing up. There's a reason why this sometimes works, and I say sometimes.

When you start any computer it's starts afresh. the memory is clear and there are no apps running. When a computer has been on for a while it becomes different from when it's turned on. It's no longer a clean slate. Rebooting the computer often fixes these problems as it returns the computer to a clean slate and clears out the memory of the computer. Most computers aren't designed to run forever on a single boot, so the chance to reboot and start over is a good thing.

Since the start of the year a friend of mine has been helping me getting back into shape. I've been doing weight training and circuits on top of my regular cycling to lose some weight and get fit. I'm glad to say it's working. For three weeks in March though I went through a phase of stomach bugs, colds and coughs. I wasn't able to train for that time.

Last week I was well enough to start training again, but having been away from it for so long, I was starting over again. I wasn't great on my first two sessions, but the chance to start over again has given me the chance to change up my training so that I'm focusing on different exercises on different days of the week.

Rebooting shouldn't be seen as another chance to make a goal after a recent failure, think of it as a break. A chance to chance to start over and more importantly to make improvements towards getting to that goal.

Try introducing scheduled reboots into any long running habits or routines you might have. The opportunity to look back at them might yield a change for the better.

Just like the computer, we need a clean slate everyone in a while. Take the time to reboot and start over.