Anywhere But Medium

Dave Winer on the drawbacks to hosting your writing in the newest walled garden, Medium.

Medium is on its way to becoming the consensus platform for writing on the web. if you're not sure you're going to be blogging regularly, the default place to put your writing is Medium, rather than starting a blog on Tumblr or, for example. I guess the thought is that it's wasteful to start a blog if you're not sure you're going to post that often. It's something of a paradox, because blogs are not large things on the storage devices of the hosting companies. If they're doing it right, a blog is smaller than the PNG image in the right margin of this post. They're tiny little things in a world filled with videos and podcasts and even humble images. Text is very very very small in comparison.

Anywhere But Medium by Dave Winer

Medium's walls are actually not that high at the moment. Access to the network is easy but I can't help but wonder if in the future they'll get it wrong and piss off a good chunk of their user base. I'd rather not take that chance.

Given the option between Medium and a hosted blog at Ghost, Tumblr, Wordpress or Blogger, I would definitely go with a hosted blog.