Another week, another weekly plan.

Weekly digest

Busy this week with client work and running a test of a product idea.

Curtis McHale has some constraints for a better workflow.

First, there are rumours of Black Ops 4 ditching the single-player mode and now the Battlefield and COD franchises are jumping on the battle royale bandwagon. I think I’ll pass on any more games from these franchises in the future.

I would love to make use of the micro-casting plan on, but I’d be too concerned about speaking clearly. Public speaking isn’t one of my strong points.

Weekly digest

The boys both had their own golf games this week. Ethan was down at Troon on Friday for a friendly match with Renfrewshire Golf Union against Glasgow Golf Union. He did great on the day and despite recording a couple of high scores, he walked away with the top prize. Drew was playing today at Williamwood Golf Club in Glasgow. Just a flag competition for him. He gets so many shots to get round the first nine holes. He made it to the 5th hole and was thoroughly chuffed with himself. Hoping to get the boys out next week with better weather on the way.

I’ve also started testing a small product with a number of potential customers this week. I’m still keeping this under wraps until I get some feedback.

The Expanse is back for season 3. I loved reading this series, but the television series does a great job of telling the story as well. 📺

With no hard launch date for The Last of Us 2, God of War, might just be the game that can fill the gap before Joel and Ellie return. 🎮

Hello Wavelength has added another great way of creating content, a micro-casting app. now supports hosting short-form podcasts, also known as microcasts, with a companion iPhone app called Wavelength for recording, editing, and publishing episodes.

I don’t know that I’ll ever start my own podcast. To have the option to create microcasts from a single app and have the platform to host it is a great feature for is growing and now with apps for photo-stories and microcasts, the platform is offering a one stop shop for those who want to consolidate a few different services into one.

The rule of three

I love this idea of picking the best three shots from a day-trip or an event.

So, I’m going to do what I can to temper my happy shutter finger the next time. I’m going to pretend that I only have three shots available to me. Three shots to tell the story I’m trying to tell and help me remember the three most important moments.

Three Shots by Patrick Rhone

I must admit though, I would be hard-pressed to pick my favourite three. I may have to extend it to four or five, but definitetly no more than seven.

View from the desk.

Getting through some work while Ethan plays at Troon Links in a friendly match against Glasgow with the rest of the Renfrewshire boys.

Started using collections in Jekyll. Pretty powerful stuff.

Finding it difficult to shake off the shit-storm state the world is in this morning.

Still not happy with layout of PenMuse. I’m thinking of moving to a fixed-width container as opposed to a full-width container.

Using Your Time.

Back to blogging again. Good to get something out in the internets again.

Publishing a blog post today that’s been collecting dust for a couple of weeks now.

Might be great, might not be, that doesn’t matter. What matters is it’s out there.

Weekly digest

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging this week. Kids are off school this week and next week, so it’s been playing a carefully balanced game of getting them to and from activities and then catching up with work at night.

I would love to see account types on Twitter and then better controls that are derived from them.

I always block businesses that follow me on Twitter, especially when there is no clear reason as to why they are following me.

Migrating Day One to Bear

This week I’ve started migrating my Day One entries to Bear. I initially wanted to omit all the tags for my Day One entries on the import, but I decided to leave them in. The reason for this is that although Bear uses these tags and will populate the sidebar with them, it will be much easier for me to migrate entries for each tag into Bear correctly.

I’m using a top-level tag of #journal for all my entries. Within this top-level tag, there will be some nested tags.

  • Entries are tagged with the month and year. All tags in June of 2017 will have the tag #journal/2017/06.
  • Special moments get their tag of #journal/moments.
  • Other tags will be used as #journal/drew and #journal/ethan.

With all the extra Day One tags now listed in my sidebar, I’ve now started the task of migrating these entries to use my new tagging system for my journal entries. I’m taking it a couple of tags at a time, and I’m already roughly a quarter of the way to migrating all these entries over.

It looks like a particular way of tagging these entries, but in the long run, it will be much easier to find everything as well as exporting a month or even a year of entries to another format so that I reproduce them in a better form.