Disappointed to see Path closing down, but to be honest, it’s been a long time coming.

The only upside is that they are finally providing a way to export your content from the service.

Great night for some golf with my boy.

Back to school for those at work.

Great tips from Nicholas Bate.

I forgot how time consuming and demanding job hunting can be. Practically a job in its own right!

I love how Code allows you to create splits with a simple drag of the mouse.

Sure I could learn the keyboard shortcuts to do the same thing, but using the mouse does force me to slow down for a minute.

Done an npm install for a HTML theme and found the resulting node_modules directory contains 700+ libraries. Is that normal for a single theme?

After some thought, I’ve decided to skip setting up another Micro.blog account for coding. It’s another domain, another channel, another potential headache.

MoviePass is losing money, not as appealing as when it first came out and now being sneaky with their subscriptions. Am I alone in thinking that MoviePass should just call it a day?

Any suggestions on a name for my new programming blog? I’m setting one up just to catch notes and findings as I work. Nothing language specific, trying to keep it general so I switch between languages.

Winding down

I’m winding down my freelancing business over the next few weeks to take on a permanent role. It’s been fun over the last six years, but I think I prefer the stability of regular hours and pay.

I haven’t given up on going solo though, I’m still considering running my own business in the future. It will have less of an emphasis on the selling of services though and more of an emphasis on selling a product.

Two weeks straight using Visual Studio Code and I have to say, I am definitely won over this time. Performance has been consistent and the extensions available are much better than other communities. Built-in terminal is quite nifty too!

Now seems as good a time as any to not only reboot the blogging habit, but also a number of other little things that have slipped by in the last few months.

I just pasted some text into Grammarly’s app and it couldn’t find a thing wrong with it. Not a damn thing.

Listening to Banquet from Bloc Party’s Silent Alarm album. One of those albums that is perfect from start to finish. 🎵

As great as it is to be on holiday and having a change of scenery, there’s always the familiar comfort of getting home after a holiday.

Great to see Francesco Molinari winning the Open. Truly well deserved. 🏌️‍♂️🇮🇹

As much as I would love to see Tiger Woods win another major, I think it’s going to be Jordan Spieth lifting the Claret Jug this afternoon. 🏌️‍♂️

Back to Feedbin and the web

For the last few weeks, I’ve been using the lire app on iOS for reading through my RSS subscriptions.

There’s a number of great little features in lire, but the pull to a different RSS client didn’t last long. In the last few days, I’ve deleted the app and started using Feedbin again on iOS. As a client, Feedbin has everything I need and it doesn’t need to have space on my home screen in order to access it. Just a bookmark in my browser is enough to find it.

In the last couple of days I also noticed an article that was doing the rounds about the state of RSS apps on the macOS platform. Before I was using the lire app, I was still using Feedbin in my browser to read my RSS subscriptions when working through the day. A pinned tab in the browser is enough for my needs.

There’s only two cases where I’ll use a native app.

  1. When the app’s core functionality isn’t available on the web like a text editor or source code control.
  2. When I prefer to use a native app over a web based app for cases like email and chat.

Native apps do offer a number of great benefits over web based apps, but in most cases I prefer the flexibility of web based apps. Easy to access for users on multiple platforms and easy for the app’s developers to maintain.

So it’s back to using Feedbin on the web again, but more importantly back to using another web app again.

I love this time of year when Comic-Con is on. You get a bumper load of trailers for what’s coming on the small and big screen in the next 12 months. So much great stuff to look forward too.

Spotted this overgrown shed playing golf with Ethan today at Hidden Lake.

Great to hear that The Clone Wars is coming back.

Thanks to my buddy Curtis for letting me know about cleaning your iPhone’s charging port.

Solved my problem of my phone not charging.

Nightmare. I’m having to lift my lightning cable connection in order to get a charge into my iPhone now.

The master list. Have to do, want to do, dream to do, home and work. Doesn’t get much easier than that.

Is 120 the new 80?

Did I miss the heated and crazy developer debate that the new accepted line length is 120 characters?

Joking aside, I’d like to know if anyone else has changed their coding standards to allow for a bigger line length because of changes in source code management tools.

For a long time I’ve used 80 characters as a guideline as opposed to a set rule. Sometimes I’ll go over this but most of the time I don’t.

With bigger displays everywhere though, it appears that developers are switching to a larger line length when it comes to their coding standards.