Got me a new prompt in the form of Spaceship ZSH. Git, Ruby and Docker info all in the one prompt. Nice!

Ruby falling out of fashion?

Ruby is falling again on the TIOBE index.

It’s not a cause for alarm, but I will continue to look at alternatives to Ruby for the long term. Microsoft’s .NET is still something I would like to come back to and there are more opportunities for it as well.

While not directly related, I also did notice that Thoughtbot have made their learning platform, Upcase, free for all. An attempt to get more developers to use Ruby?

I’m becoming more interested in Google’s Material Design for my web applications.

The Materialize framework looks like it will be starting point thanks to the Materialize SASS gem.

Staying productive with side projects

I’m in the process of moving back to full-time employment, but the step away from being self-employed doesn’t mean that I am abandoning any of the side projects that I have been working on. I’m putting a few ideas together for DailyMuse, and there’s another more significant project that is a work in progress. Working on these in my spare time can be difficult especially when I have to consider other important things in life.

In the last few weeks though, I’ve been making smaller sprints for my side project, and instead of scheduling big blocks of time, I’m picking up the work when I want to work on it.

Zach Holman’s post on staying productive as a solo founder puts it in a better way.

There’s something to be said for focus, of course, but life’s too short to constantly throw yourself at the wall day in and day out. If you really believe in your product and think that generally, it’s something that can get you stoked, then taking a break for a while is usually worth it, and is more productive in the long run. It’ll draw you back in again in the future; don’t worry about it too much.

Staying Productive as a Solo Founder by Zach Holman

As a programmer I know I’ll always have the itch to be building stuff on the side. From experience, I’ve learnt that working on side projects when I want to is a much more effective way of working on them than consistently plugging away at them and getting depressed about them.

Great post by Julia Evans about what a senior engineer does.

I’ve been giving this a lot of thought recently as I move toward full-time emoloyment again. While a few things do crossover from my time as an freelancer, I do see it as a different role.

VS Code continues to impress me. Not just in terms of functionality, but also in the consistent updating and improvement of the application. Monthly updates are becoming something I look forward to now.

Voyager 2 still going. Space sure is amazing.

The power of the timetable. Who thought that something so simple could be the ultimate time management tool?

The new Action Text framework for Ruby on Rails looks great. Easier management of rich content for applications and seperation of that same content from the models which is nice.

I’ve started working through the Project Eueler problems in both Ruby and C# to see differences in the languages. After five problems not much of a difference, but it’s good to be getting familiar with C# again.

What a great weekend of golf! Another win for Europe!🏌️‍♂️🇪🇺

Europe still looking strong after this morning’s Fourballs. While I would like to a European victory, it would be great if USA tied it up a bit going into tomorrow’s singles matches. 🏌️‍♂️🇪🇺

Just starting to get the benefits of Docker. It’s been a long time jumping on board with this, but better late than never. Also, the Docker extension for Visual Studio Code is a great help for seeing the status of containers and images.

Superb comeback from the European team in the Foursomes. Each time I watch it, I seem to enjoy the Ryder Cup more and more. 🏌️‍♂️ 🇪🇺

It’s a clearing the decks kind of day. Both mentally and physically. It’s always feels good to get things in their right place on my desk, but it’s also great to get thoughts in their right place as well.

Disappointed to see Path closing down, but to be honest, it’s been a long time coming.

The only upside is that they are finally providing a way to export your content from the service.

Great night for some golf with my boy.

Back to school for those at work.

Great tips from Nicholas Bate.

I forgot how time consuming and demanding job hunting can be. Practically a job in its own right!

I love how Code allows you to create splits with a simple drag of the mouse.

Sure I could learn the keyboard shortcuts to do the same thing, but using the mouse does force me to slow down for a minute.

Done an npm install for a HTML theme and found the resulting node_modules directory contains 700+ libraries. Is that normal for a single theme?

After some thought, I’ve decided to skip setting up another account for coding. It’s another domain, another channel, another potential headache.

MoviePass is losing money, not as appealing as when it first came out and now being sneaky with their subscriptions. Am I alone in thinking that MoviePass should just call it a day?

Any suggestions on a name for my new programming blog? I’m setting one up just to catch notes and findings as I work. Nothing language specific, trying to keep it general so I switch between languages.

Winding down

I’m winding down my freelancing business over the next few weeks to take on a permanent role. It’s been fun over the last six years, but I think I prefer the stability of regular hours and pay.

I haven’t given up on going solo though, I’m still considering running my own business in the future. It will have less of an emphasis on the selling of services though and more of an emphasis on selling a product.