Proof that your business can survive without email.

In short, Schwarz is a classic craftsman. If you want to ask him about his trade, however, you’ll have a hard time getting in touch. In 2015, he stopped using (public) email. And he has no intention of going back.

The Woodworker Who Quit Email by Cal Newport

Just finished watching Stranger Things 2. Damn that was good television.

I’m really liking what Kona are doing with their bikes these days. The Honza is another great bike from them. Price is a bit steep though!

As a freelancer I’m wondering if a newsletter is worth putting into place. Another thing to maintain and run. Why can’t I just rely on a blog with a contact form?

Bacon. That’s good for a cold, yeah?

I’ve got three apps on my MacBook that I’m starting to use on a more frequent basis.

Ulyssess remains my favourite for writing blog posts, Bear is great for capturing notes and acting as a personal sratchpad and finally there’s iA Writer. It fits the gap in between the two. I use it mainly for composing emails and updates for clients.

Three different writing apps might be a bit much, but I’ve found a use for each of them and it works well for me. I probably won’t find much use for the iA Writer 5 update for iOS but never say never.

Yeah, Firefox 57 is pretty fast. 😲

EA’s release of Star Wars Battlefront II is already under fire. Let’s hope that Firefox do better with their release of Firefox 57.

I’ve got Star Wars Battlefront II downloading on the PS4 for tonight. Early Xmas present to myself!

Bootstrap 4’s Flexbox support is great. I can see me using it a lot more with new projects and clients.

Them shadows again.

I think I have a rogue plug-in for Sublime Text. I’ve been getting errors all morning. Switching to Atom for the rest of the day.

I wish Github’s Pull Request filters would persist in between changes.

Tried to use my iPhone SE as a mouse this morning for about a minute. Definitely time for a coffee.

Is attention no longer a viable form of currency?

We’re told every day as creators online that attention = prosperity. But no one’s attention online lasts long enough for that to be true anymore (if it ever was).

The Value of Attention by CJ Chilvers

Social media might make you famous for five minutes, maybe even a few times over, but what about the times when people’s attention is elsewhere?

Nicholas Bate has Monday’s covered. Do you?

Mondays can be approached slowly or quickly or even from an oblique angle. But always approach them with coffee, a plan and total lack of fear.

Jagged Thoughts for Jagged Times, 253 by Nicholas Bate

Long shadows up at the golf club today while I was picking up Ethan.

Another great lesson for Drew this morning. Won’t be long until he is beating his brother out on the course!

A week running Hyper as my terminal has been mostly without incident, but I’ll be switching back to Terminal.

Hyper is a good replacement for Terminal or iTerm but it’s not a great replacement and doesn’t bring anything extra that I didn’t already have.

Also, I would rather rely on scripts and dot files for my terminal configuration rather than relying on Hyper’s plugins.

Finding that Spark’s short and long swipes a pain to use when the actions are different.

Reconfigured each side now to have the same action for both short and long swipes.

Avoids the wrong action being applied and keeps things simple.