New updates to Faviconographer. Might give it another try.

Atom still trying to play catchup with the likes of Sublime Text. I can’t see it ever happening.

Yesterday’s two NFL games are what the playoffs area all about. High scoring games with plenty of action. 🏈

FastMail rule added to delete the almost daily emails I get from Cloudinary for their Heroku addon.

Michael Wade once again delivers a gem of wisdom:

Move more into the role of “Creator” and away from that of “Reactor.”

Your Role and the Time In-Between

This is a great move for Feedbin. Rather than following a single collection of accounts, I can now subscribe to a core collection of users, lists and perhaps even some individual accounts.

You can start adding Twitter content to Feedbin the same way you would subscribe to a feed. Feedbin will recognize any Twitter URL that contains tweets. It also supports shortcuts for subscribing directly to twitter @usernames as well as #hashtags.

Feedbin is the Best Way to Read Twitter

Best of all though is that I can read these tweets alongside my existing RSS subscriptions.

This bug on Ghost is driving me round the bend. Every character you type in is registered as two keystrokes so ‘t’ becomes ‘tt’ and pasting from the clipboard doesn’t work either. Why am I using Ghost again? 🤔

I’m considering a set of wireless headphones for client calls and blocking out the kids whiles I’m working. Recommendations?

Damn. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Forgot about them. 🎵

In keeping with’s lack of counts for things like followers and likes, I’ve decided to do the same on Twitter.

I have created a few CSS rules to run on the Twitter website using Stylish. These rules remove any counts from the actions section of a tweet.

The idea is that any action by myself to like, retweet or reply, isn’t swayed by the same actions of others. Just because a tweet is being liked by everyone else, it shouldn’t influence my decision to like it.

I’d like to see more of this on Twitter. Less about the numbers and more about content and discoverability.

Right, so my predictions for the Wildcard Weekend were 1 for 4. Only got the Saints results right, but close games all round.

Right, calling it with a victories for the Bills and the Saints today.

First half of wildcard weekend done and I got both predictions for yesterday wrong. Maybe I’ll have better luck today.

I completely missed the part of GitHub’s project tracking feature that allows you to track projects in other repos as well. Might be the game-changer for managing my own projects.

Just found out how to use the SUMIF function in Numbers for the first time. Every day is a school day.

GitHub’s Projects feature is increasingly becoming an alternative to using Trello, but Trello’s native apps still make it my preferred project management tool.

Nicholas Bate reminds us of the basics when we’re stuck.

A new year, a new Hobonichi. Same old trusty Lamy Safari though.

I’m seriously thinking about coming off Twitter or just making my account private. Seeing less and less value in using it.