Weekly digest

Keeping it short and sweet this week.

Influential media

Posts like Buffer’s “How to Share Posts From the Instagram Feed to Stories” are becoming less about how everyone can use a feature of social media and more about how companies, brands, and organisations can use social media. Buffer’s post even has a section for this.

Gone are the days when social media was all about people who just wanted to share something of themselves. A photograph, a thought, a revelation.

Nowadays social media has been replaced by algorithms that decided what posts you should see and ads. Now there’s going to be a new type of post on Instagram where brands are promoted through influencers.

It’s not about being social now. It’s about influence.

It’s not about people now. It’s about branding and marketing.

If this is what passes for social media these days on Instagram, maybe I am better off not being on Instagram.

More Twitter woes.

Sad to see great Twitter clients being eroded away.

An interesting post about science backed advice for parents who want to bring up well-rounded kids.

There’s already a few of these in place in our home.

I’m increasingly wary of podcasts where the end of episode “picks” by the hosts and guests are the products and services of fellow hosts of the very same podcast. If that’s the extent of the picks for that episode, then I start to wonder where the value is in listening.

Finally after weeks of waiting, these little beauties arrived in the mail.

Weekly digest

The boys have been enjoying the good weather and the chance to play lots of golf. I had a great day with Drew while he played in the flag competition at Cathkin Braes Golf Club.

Making progress with The Crown and Lost In Space on Netflix. Still trying not to binge on these and enjoy an episode every week or two.

I’ve been running a product test for a few weeks now for an event management solution for golf clubs called MyGolfOpen. I’m running the test for a handful of clubs to help them run their events and the feedback has been good. Might be onto something with this one.

Client work has been intense over the last couple of weeks and I needed a down-shift of work. I’ve been looking to bring PenMuse and DailyMuse together as sibling products. I’ve started this process by re-designing the PenMuse web site with a layout that I can use on the DailyMuse website as well. It was good to remove some cruft from the PenMuse website and return it to a simple layout that could be adapted to DailyMuse as well.

Spent the afternoon getting the garden into order today. There’s something to be said for a little bit of grafting.

Started using Aloe Bud to remind myself to take breaks through the day.

Particularly important for me as I tend to forget to get up and move about for a bit, which doesn’t do my back any favours.

I’m pretty much all in with Firefox these days as my main browser. I’m using it for both browsing and work and I’m also using it on my iPad and iPhone.

Speed isn’t the major driver behind this decision. I just prefer the extensibility of Firefox as well as it’s test pilot betas.

After a couple of weeks of heads down work for a client, I decided last night to find some solace in some simple work and clean up the @penmuse website.

I’ve removed the fixed sidebar and opted for a centred two-column design that keeps the site simple to use.

Weekly digest

Highlight of the week was Ethan making his confirmation on Thursday night with my dad acting as his sponsor. The double act of granpa and grandson didn’t end there though. They both played in a fun junior/senior open event at the golf club today and came in second. Well done boys!

Another great view from the top of the braes.

Ethan and my dad all set for the Junior/Senior Open at Paisley GC today.

Looking forward to seeing their score when we catch up with them for dinner.

I wonder if all those people that said, “I want to build the next Facebook” are still behind that aim.

Views aren’t bad up here.

Bear just keeps getting better and better.

Weekly digest

A horrible week this week with the incident that happened in Toronto on Monday afternoon. Thankfully my mother-in-law (who works in downtown Toronto) was far away from where the incident happened. It’s horrible seeing a great city like Toronto featured in the news like this. Toronto is home from home for me.

Ended the week on a positive note with a family trip to the cinema to see Avengers: Infinity War. It was amazing and well worth the wait. I have my own little theory about how this is going to all pan out, but I’m keeping it to myself. 😉

Just seen Infinity War. Loved it!

The best map in the galaxy

This morning, the European Space Agency unveiled a new, highly detailed sky map of the Milky Way Galaxy that showcases the brightness and positions of nearly 1.7 billion stars. It’s the most comprehensive catalog of stars to date, and it includes precise details about many of the stars’ distances, movements, and colors as well. With the map’s release, astronomers are hoping to use this information to learn more about the structure of our galactic home and how it first formed billions of years ago.

New galactic map shows the positions and brightness of 1.7 billion stars by The Verge

The numbers are just mind boggling, precise positions of over 1 billion stars.

The 360 degrees view of what the Gaia spacecraft mapped is worth clicking through for.