Stephen Hawking is right; you all should leave planet Earth.

Kurt Harden is staying behind. I might join him.

Kaweco GRIP for Apple Pencil

I’ve been considering an Apple Pencil for some time now. This Kaweco sleeve might just be the final nudge towards that purchase.

Firefox now lets you block annoying website notification pop-ups

I’ve been using Firefox a lot recently and it’s definitely getting better. I just wish it had sharper icons in the toolbar like Safari has.

My personal defcon status has been lowered from “bloody miserable” to “almost bearable” as this cold lessens it’s grip. 🤧

The great thing about RSS readers is the speed at which I can catch up. Even after a couple of days of not checking them, I can still blitz through over 200 unread items in a few minutes. I never seem to be able to catch up on Twitter.

Weekly digest

Spring has been delayed by the still freezing bite of winter in Scotland. Never have I craved the arrival of spring more.

Not a bad week in terms of progress for side projects.

Shipped a few changes to PenMuse that allows me to structure the writing prompts for each week under a collection. The long term plan here is to be able to generate a markdown file that I can use as a base for creating a printed book. I’m still a long ways off but with over 300 writing prompts in the PenMuse database, I‘ve got a good base to begin with.

Also got a first version out of the door for another side-project that’s golf related. Going to pitch this to a few clubs in the area. Just trying to make the process of registering and maintaining golf events a lot easier.

On a golf related note the course is still closed, but we’re seeing more patches of green on the braes so perhaps this week we’ll see Ethan back on the course again.

Did I just write a reply in the style of old Donald himself?

📚 Got my copy of Michael Wade’s Random Thoughts. Great to have all these in one place.

Still considering Toronto

Following a raft of measures to cool off the property market, sales have plunged, down 35% overall in Feb 2017 relative to Feb 2016; prices are down an average of CAD110,000, and listings are up (which will drive the prices down further).

Toronto’s real estate market is imploding via Boing Boing

Imploding might be a strong word in this case as it’s only based on one month’s sales, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the start of a decline in house prices in Toronto and the surrounding areas.

With my in-laws in Ontario and annual trips out there with the family, we’ve see vast amounts of land swallowed up by builders over the last two decades. The rate of building and development has been staggering.

In the last ten years though house prices have sky rocketed.

My wife and I have toyed with emigrating to Canada in the past few years. The always increasing house prices mean that we would have to look at smaller properties near Toronto or larger properties away from Toronto for the move to be worth it.

With a dip in house prices though, maybe a move is still possible?

📚 Almost halfway through King of Thorns by Mark Lawrence before I decided to give up on it. First book I’ve given up on this year.

What do you think Apple will call its over-ear headphones?

I’m going with HeadPods on this one.

Lacking direction?

Reset your personal compass with NB.

Do you want want blank spaces on your iPhone home screen? Here’s how

Nothing better than getting back to normal. Roads are drivable and schools are back open.

Weekly digest

Big story of the week has been the weather. On Tuesday night and Wednesday morning we had considerable snowfall that made driving almost impossible. More snow on Wednesday and Thursday just added to the already bad conditions. Being a veteran of a few Canadian winters, the snowfall wasn’t the concern. I had another problem. Entertaining the kids for a couple of days! I’ll admit they sat on their Playstation for a while on each day but I did try to get them doing other things through the day.

The fun part was watching people panic buying and the shops gradually emptying of stock. The UK is definitely not a country that does well during these conditions. Also, the sense of community spirit is sadly lacking in our street. It’s the same people that clear the roads every time there is considerable snowfall. Some people never change.

Finished watching Godless this week. Loved it. It told a story from beginning to end with good pace and a great finish. I’d be happy if they never done a second series. The Walking Dead started back on Monday night. Loved the first episode, but I’m hoping it gathers a bit more pace than it has done in the past.

After the last two weeks of pretty serious links, I promise to keep this one light.

Street Fighter’s Chun Li is 50.


Now I feel old.

Themeable seasons

One thing I’ve been doing over the last couple of years is switching colours on my blogs and social media profiles according to the seasons.

Technically it’s spring in the UK although with the weather it certainly doesn’t look like it. Never mind, I’m still switching to green to mark the start of spring.

Nicholas Bate offers up some nudges to get you writing.

BBC Studios is adapting Terry Pratchett’s iconic Discworld books for a six-part TV series

I enjoyed the adaptations that were on Sky a few years ago. I’m looking forward to seeing what the BBC do with Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books.